This Creepy Woman Photoshopped Herself Into a Stranger’s Photos For YEARS

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This story of Facebook stalking is so crazy we’re almost impressed. Well, almost. Mostly, we’re just freaked out. We all know some light Facebook stalking is a fact of modern life at this point, but Scotland’s Jill Sharp managed to turn it into a full-blown lifestyle.

That is an impressive level of commitment, to say the least.

She would then share them on social media. Eventually, she upped the ante and told people the two were engaged to be married.  

She even started acting as both sides, and wrote long and romantic messages back and forth.

Posing at each location, she made it look as if they were taking individual pictures of each other.

Upon closer inspection, their vacation pictures didn’t match up either. As you can see, the ground in McQuet’s vacation shot is darker than in Sharp’s – likely due to one being taken on a rainy day and the other on a clear one. And people started to catch on.

One friend told the Daily Record, “It was obvious it had been taken on a different day. So we started looking at her other images and it was evident in some of them they had been photoshopped.”

When they reached him, everyone was blown away.  

“It appears this woman followed them down to London, visited the same places, took photos, then photoshopped them,” said a friend of the couple. “It’s astonishing behavior.”

She explained that they had contacted local police, who claimed no legal action could be taken in this case.

“The police have told them that no criminal activity has taken place, apparently she’s allowed to impersonate whoever she wants to impersonate,” a friend said. “The police just weren’t interested.” But the Jill Sharp saga doesn’t end there.

Probably to try to cover her tracks after she was caught red-handed, but the Internet never forgets.

Totally creepy, right?

Ironic, definitely. Disheartening, a bit.

So Graham and Jill’s story pretty quickly got hilariously meme-ified.

Sharp denies involvement in this impersonating scheme, but pictures don’t lie. Here’s hoping she finds her real Prince Charming in the future.