Ah, another day another viral trend doing the rounds online. It truly seems like not a day goes by without some strange beauty trend making its way into our lives. Although this one is particularly horrifying.

One talented makeup artist is creating a "tiny face" on herself - and it's as creepy as it is impressive.

Like clockwork, a new beauty trend will sweep through Instagram.

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Whether it's the newest eyeshadow palette that every beauty fanatic needs or some cosmetic procedure fad, it doesn't take long for a trend to do the rounds.

Remember the MAC Velvet Teddy?

Kickstarted by the one and only Kylie Jenner, Instagram became obsessed with the shade of MAC lipstick so they could recreate the star's signature look.

Then came the lip filler craze.

As soon as Kylie's lips became plumper, everyone else wanted bigger lips too and soon enough, so many people were heading out to get lip fillers.

This eventually led to more...

Facial filler gained huge popularity, with many people opting for the procedure to enhance cheekbones, jawlines, and even noses.

And of course, there was the rise of the cut crease.

So many up and coming makeup artists made a name for themselves online by posting makeup snaps like this.

But its safe to say that some beauty trends are more on the weird side...

Not all of them have a positive reaction...

Take "wavy eyebrows," for instance.

The trend saw beauty influencers drawing their eyebrows on in a wavy pattern, leaving many of us slightly baffled.

Although often there was a little help from Facetune too...

Many speculated that a tiny bit of editing had a part to play in getting the wavy brow effect.

But the latest beauty trend is probably one of the most bizarre yet.

Although we have to say it shows some skill.

It's called the "tiny face challenge."

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And it's been created by makeup artist, Jaime French.

First, you draw a nose on your nose.

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Around halfway down the bridge, to be precise.

It takes some serious shading.

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Apply, then blend, people!

Next, turn the tip of your nose into a mouth.

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An upper lip on the end of your nose, and a lower directly below.

You'll want to color these "lips" in.

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Red makes for a bold choice.

It starts to look pretty freaky.

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As Jaime notices!

And ... pose.

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You're nearly done!

But to get the full effect ...

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You need to cover up your actual mouth.

Crazy stuff, right?

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This makes for an incredible optical illusion.

Here's the full tutorial.

Will you be trying it at home?

Makeup is truly incredible.

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