Okay, ladies, I think we've all been there, right?

Either your jeans are fresh from the dryer, or you had one too many soft shells on taco Tuesday, or you're juuuust checking to see if you can squeeze into last year's pants (spoiler alert: probably not). Suddenly instead of simply getting dressed, you're wriggling around on the floor with your belly sucked in as far as it'll go, doing the worm like it's 1988, straining to get the zipper to budge far enough that you can even think about fastening the button.

Well thankfully, this video of little Ryan, child of Pennsylvania mom Alyssa Price, proves that we're not alone in the struggle.

Ryan found some old, outgrown jeans, and quick-thinking Price picked up a camera to capture the cuteness. “Can you button ’em? Are they a little too snug?" she asks the toddler, who's keeping her cool way better than I usually do at this point when I'm attempting to cram myself into skinny jeans. But, as cute as the video is, some people took issue.

Some were worried the baby would grow up with body shaming issues because of Mom's offhand "skinny girl dance" comment.

Though others dismissed that as a silly thing to worry about with a baby who isn't even out of diapers—and felt focusing on "body confidence issues" totally missed the point.

Ironically, other people claimed the baby was "obese."

Which is sort of a strange angle to take when: A) It's not your child. B) Um...what? Who says that??? C) Aren't they the ones actually body shaming the baby? But I digress.

Then there were those who found something completely different to pick on.

These were obviously people who never had kids, because every parent knows that kids outgrow stuff so fast it's ridiculous — certainly a lot faster than you can clean out their drawers and make sure you've weeded out anything that's now eight sizes too small. Plus kids get super attached to their favorite clothes. My daughter is five and she still wears her favorite 3T dress...we just call it a "shirt" now. Anyway, believe it or not, the discussion got even more heated after that.

Perhaps the most concerning criticism was that the video was attracting pedophiles.

Well that escalated quickly! In all seriousness, although we have no way of knowing the likelihood of that happening, obviously it would be terrible. Others were quick to point out, though, that if we're to start banning topless babies in innocent settings then I guess we won't have diaper commercials anymore. Which, honestly, I suppose wouldn't be the worst thing, because without marketing costs maybe they could sell diapers for less than $127 per box.

Anyhow, most people saw it as the cute, silly video it was intended to be.

And the vast majority of viewers could totally relate.

They even noticed little Ryan rocking developmental milestones, crediting Price's parenting!

In any case, Ryan herself seems to think it's hilarious, as does her giggling mom. Enjoy it while you can, Ryan! It's a lot less funny when you're thirty-two and sobbing in a defeated heap while you drown your feelings in carbs. Or so I hear...