Travel Blogger Shares How to Travel the World without Destroying Your Savings | 22 Words

A Twitter thread from all the way back in the dark old times of 2018 has recently gone viral again for having some super on point travel tips that will help you get around the globe without spending your entire life savings on one international flight, or maxing out six credit cards to pay for that trip to Italy. Because I know you've thought about it.

These life-changing, wallet-friendly tips come from a world traveler, photographer, and (ugh) influencer Ciara Johnson who quit her corporate HR job to travel the world – you know, that thing we all dream of doing every time a new Monday rolls around or a meeting starts to run long. And she's laying down all the tips that allowed her to do it on the cheap!

So open up some new Google Maps tabs and get your Twitter favorites ready, because these are tips that you're seriously not going to want to miss.

Let's jump right in.

I'll be lucky if I can go to 20 countries by the time I die. I need these tips.

She's got one hell of a resume.

An $8 flight?! How on earth did you snag that deal?

Shoutout to Google Flights.

I only just learned about this feature, and it's already saved me a ton of money.

Plan a vacation without knowing where you want to go!

That's an awesome story, it'll take you to new places, and you'll save some of that sweet sweet money.

Doing the most might save you a few bucks.

Sorry people that don't live near a major airport. But hey, the sacrifices are worth it.

Being flexible will save you money.

It also might score you a free place to stay, if you know what I mean... Just kidding, that sounds super dangerous.

There's a sweet spot for prices.

So start planning that summer vacation now, folks! Also a good amount of time to request days off work.

There are cheaper places to go that are still beautiful.

We just don't often hear about them because of the English language barrier. But with tech the way it is now, there's no excuse not to go to a country that doesn't speak your language.

I think I want to live in Thailand.

Or at least save up some cash to have a crazy month and sublease my apartment.

She recommends AirBnB

This is a great tip to get you out of the expensive tourist areas too and start mixing with some of the locals.

Some age-old advice.

Hostels always seem kinda scary, so bring a buddy and maybe some pepper spray just in case!

Work your way through a country.

Work during the morning and explore the city during the afternoons and evenings! Or on the weekends!

Students: take advantage of that study abroad program.

I honestly had no idea sometimes it can be cheaper to go abroad than pay tuition. But it makes sense based on the US education system.

Public transit first, Uber next, taxi last.

You'll always save money on public transit -- and hey, maybe it'll take you to a part of town you wouldn't have gone to otherwise.

Take advantage of the EU. Sorry Brexiters.

But seriously, there are so many busses, trains, and planes that travel between European countries with no hassles at all. Fly into a cheaper central country and plan day trips to other places!

Stop being so gosh darn bougie.

Exploring a city by yourself can be just as fun as going on some kind of weird bike tour. Just make sure you've already offlined the Google Maps in your hotel room.

Shop local.

The food is going to be better anyway! One of the best meals I've ever had was from a random farmers market in Italy. It was way better than any restaurant we went to the whole trip! So fresh.

What are you waiting for?

Plan a short trip nearby. You don't have to spend a month in Paris for your first vacation. Visit a national or state park to keep things cheap. Or check out some cool local spots and restaurants in a nearby city/town.

Figure out what you really want from your vacation.

Getting there is only half the battle. Going in with a gameplan will help you keep your costs down too.

Travel Insurance is a thing.

If you travel often or are bringing some expensive things (looking at you, Kim K.) consider getting insurance. Just in case Delta loses your bags again...

What about that pesky phone?

Some carriers have better plans than others, but also... who needs a phone when there's so much other new stuff to explore? Taking photos doesn't require a data plan.

She typed it up in this handy blog post.

But you know, I did too. And mine has jokes. So which one do you really want to bookmark?

Don't believe her? Check out these crazy pictures from only a handful of places she's traveled.

Like this snowboarding shot from Colorado.

This photo from the Dominican Republic.

Now I really want to visit.


It's not even that far from the US, but it feels like a completely different world.

Just chillin' in Austin.

Austin seems like the perfect city. Good weather, great food, cool culture. And she did it for cheap!

They have trees like this in Cambodia??

Half of the reason I want to travel is for all the crazy wildlife we don't get to see in our everyday lives.

Casually riding around Vietnam.

The streets seem so much more full of life in other countries.

Nusa Penida Island??

I've never even heard of this place, but it looks freaking gorgeous. Apparently it's an island in Indonesia.

Where do you want to travel most?

Have these tips given you some new interesting places you want to visit? Because now I do!