This UberEats Driver Had the Funniest, Saltiest Response To a Customer’s Question

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One thing about the new “gig economy” that has regular people driving and doing tasks for others: They’re not really professionals. That’s not to say that they can’t be good, but you’re basically just asking another dude to do something for money.

So don’t be surprised if they don’t always shoot back buttoned-down responses to your questions.

This girl was certainly taken aback, though!

As long as the food arrives warm, do we REALLY care what journey it took?

They have a point, you know. It’s a weird concept until you’re used to it.

That’s a dicey proposition.

Or, in the case of one girl who was a little flustered, a DIScourteous text. (Albeit, the text WAS pretty damn funny regardless.)

His driver let him know what’s up real quick.

I mean, what’s the harm in some unexpected sarcasm? (Also, the question was a little silly.)

I mean, if you ordered food, just answer your phone, lady!

That sounds…about right. He’s a busy guy. Just pick up your food and let him get on with his life!

Would you tip extra for this? I’m pretty sure I would. Assuming the guy was being more funny than mean. I’d make the judgment when I saw him.

She was too stunned to come up with anything, though. We can all relate to that.

I’m…inclined to agree. She’s got a great story, though! And, we can only assume that she got her food, even if she had to wade through a little bit of snarkiness to get there.

Maybe it’s digging deep for a snappy comeback that you know will never come.

Watching your food circle you for minutes and minutes, that’s troubling!

You’re doing God’s work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.