Let's be real and say that a lot of wedding receptions can be, shall we say, kind of template and boring.

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While it's great to celebrate the everlasting love of a committed couple, there are only so many bouquets to catch and chicken dances to perform.

Sometimes, you get your choice of food, other times, your left at the mercy of whatever the happy couple has in store for everyone.

Normally, it's something picked that's accessible enough that people with dietary restrictions, unless they're really strict, can work around and eat.

However, at one recent wedding, the choice didn't just make guests confused.


It actually made them gasp, then giggle. That's, uh, probably not the reaction you want from your wedding guests on either count.

As we've seen so many times when amateurs try their hand at public speaking (or writing, in this case), phrasing is everything.

So even if the intent behind the message is innocuous, as we pray this one was, it can be easily misread if not framed the correct way.

So what had the guests so shocked and up in arms...at first?


Well, you'll be happy to know that it didn't take long for everyone to realize the mistake and giggle after the fact. See the terrible slip-up on the next page!

But once in a while a reception RSVP comes along to break up the monotony, such as this one from Redditor moxin84 that offers a slightly unconventional meal choice.

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Even though it's more poor placement on the RSVP than poor choices by the couple, who one would assume are not actually cannibals, it might just be best to leave the kids at home.

Yup. That's...not a normal meal offering at a wedding.


You have to wonder if the parents with their kids in tow began clutching their children, bracing for a terrible Soylent Green-type scenario. Again, that's NOT the response you want from your guests on a day to celebrate your love, but...here we are.

And naturally, the jokes began flying on Reddit.

Perhaps some people thought it was a joke.

It's not uncommon, in this age of social media and photo sharing, for couples to have a little fun with their wedding invites. It's a party, after all!

There are also some other couples who said "I do" to bucking traditional RSVPs.

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You'll see that these clever options aren't quite becoming the norm, but are getting more popular and more clever on the next page!

Honesty is the best policy.

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Anyone who throws a party knows that the undecided (or those too lazy to respond) can cause a great deal of stress.

Maybe some playful language will help them make up their minds in time for the groom and bride to get a headcount to the caterer. That food costs money, you know?

And finally, the absolute ultimate wedding RSVP.

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That's how it's done, folks.

Ok. That one might require spectacles and a quiet night to get through, but you get the idea.


Never stand between an engaged couple and their chance to get funny with their guests. Even if it means they write the longest RSVP in recorded history.

So, if you're taking notes, at the end of the day perhaps you should just try to get the point across...succinctly.

Choose your wording carefully, and don't forget to proofread. To make a splash, maybe consider a nice visual approach like this one. It's less likely to create total panic among your guests!