You should always try to leave things better than you found them. When you leave a room, grab something to put away. If you see litter in a park, pick it up and put it in the garbage can.

But if you see a horse with hair in its eyes? Walk away, friend. Whatever you do, do not grab a pair of scissors and take the situation into your own incapable hands. That horse will not be happy.


Ellen is NOT Happy.

via: Reddit

There's a story behind this sign. Obviously. How could there not be? This sign was put up after Reddit user btssmgss32412's dad decided to give a horse a haircut. How bad could the haircut be, though? Surely, it couldn't have been bad enough to warrant such a harshly worded sign.


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OK, that's pretty bad. Actually...really bad. That poor horse has bangs! Who did this?

Here's the explanation.

On the one hand, this is so pure and lovely. This dad saw a problem and set out to solve it. Unfortunately, his methods were pretty terrible. Like, seriously? Did he just grab a pair of scissors and go for it? Yes. Yes, he did.

Now that you mention it...

This is a pretty apt comparison. Do you think Ellen's voice is any good? We heard a rumor that she can be pretty hoarse... (Sorry.)

Oh, Ellen...the things that could have been.

If only some other dad had been in the barn that day, Ellen's bangs could have looked like this! Alas, she got the Sia treatment instead.

Ellen's not the only one having a bad hair day.

This is like the horse-lover's version of friendship bracelets, right? Or did the same dad just go around cutting all bangs in sight?

Of course, it could always be worse.

Actually, Ellen may have gotten off easy. Sure, she has terrible bangs, but at least she doesn't have to deal with...whatever it is that's going on here. Somehow, this horse's hair manages to completely defy gravity. What do you call a cowlick on a horse? A horselick?

Ellen has nothing on this horse.

This horse clearly doesn't live in a volunteer-run barn. This horse has its own full-time hairstylist.

Is this another Game of Thrones character?

Pretty sure we just found the horse version of Danaerys. If this horse walks through fire and has three dragons, we are officially in trouble.

Now you've gone too far.

What? No. There's no way a horse could have better hair than a human, right? Now we have to investigate...

Never mind. This horse has the most glorious hair anyone has ever seen.

Is #HorseHairGoals a thing? It's probably time for it to become a thing.

Here are some horses with people hair just because.

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Who knew something could be so equally charming and off-putting? Now we need to see people with horse hair.

Not really what we were thinking...

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Sure, this is technically a person with horse hair. It's just not quite the majestic look we were going for...