This Woman Is Getting Real About What PMS Can Do To Your Body

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PMS is a special kind of hell that you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. (Well, maybe…) But one fitness Instagrammer has taken a different look at that hated time of the month.

This is Malin Oloffson, a twenty-seven-year-old Swedish anorexia survivor and body positivity advocate.

  via : Instagram  

Her Instagram account currently is sitting at over 20,000 followers and counting.

Bloating, mood swings, fatigue… the whole nine yards.

  via : Instagram  

Take a look at her inspiring message…

Her message clearly struck a chord, as people were quick to leave comments thanking her for her honesty.

And judging by a lot of the comments, she’s done exactly that.

And to this day, Malin continues to use her Instagram account to promote these issues and to help keep women body positive.

She points out, that many Instagram accounts only show off the “good” side of people, and that more people need to see the real side.

Her take on PMS has inspired others to share their own anecdotes as well.

You deserve it.