It's gotta be hard to be a celebrity. But it might be even harder to be a regular person who just happens to look like a celebrity. All of the paparazzi torture and crazy stalker fans, none of the glory or the perks.

And it's got to be monumentally more difficult if you just so happen to look like the biggest celebrity on the planet. Such is life for one Detroit woman who is pretty much indistinguishable from Beyoncé.

This is Beyoncé.

You might know her from her other names: Beyoncé Knowles, Queen Bey, Sasha Fierce, Bae of Beys, or our favorite, The Almighty Powerful Queen of the Universe.

Is this also Beyoncé?

Yes, it is. But get ready to behold the woman who is not Beyoncé but looks totally like her. Like, it's uncanny.


We know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "That is Beyoncé." But it's not. It's not Beyoncé.

This, this is Beyoncé.

But the picture above? That is not Beyoncé. That is Brittany Williams of Detroit, Michigan.

So is this Beyoncé or Brittany?

Answer: It's Brittany, bitch. Even though she looks sooooo much like Beyoncé, Brittany Williams is, in fact, her own person. She doesn't even make a living as a body double for the singer-songwriter. She's just a regular person who happens to very closely resemble the world's biggest star. So what's it like looking like Beyoncé?

Williams (pictured here — no, that's not Beyoncé), said she constantly has her photo taken by strangers in the street.

She spoke with the Daily Mail and said that one time, her car was actually chased down the road by a group of women who were out-of-their-minds excited to have spotted Queen Bey.

Practically the only difference between Bey's and Brittany's Instagrams is that most of Beyoncé's pics were taken by professional photographers.

It's honestly insane how much they look alike. Brittany told the Daily Mail that she doesn't try to look like the pop star. The similarities are just a coincidence. The woman is just trying to live her life (while looking very similar to Beyoncé, of course).

This, this is not Beyoncé or Brittany. This is Beyoncé's sister, Solange.

Brittany may look like Beyoncé, but look! She also looks like Solange! Brittany looks like if Beyoncé and Solange were combined into one mega superstar. Beyonge. Or Solancé.

And just like Beyoncé and Solange, Brittany (pictured below) is no stranger to being accosted by fans.

"I get approached all the time, whether it be on planes, at the airport, or while attending events. I've also been chased, had pictures taken of me without my consent, and pranks done without me knowing," Williams said. "Most people are generally friendly though and just want a picture, they often say I look like a younger version of Beyoncé."

At first, the production planner from Detroit was bothered by the comparison, but she's learned to accept it.

She even embraces their similarities. "We both have southern roots. My parents and her parents look like they could be related. She sings, dances writes and I am gifted in the same ways. We're both strong dominant women." Hell yeah, Brittany! You go, girl.