Buffets are weird and wonderful places where you usually pay an insane amount of money for an insane amount of food. You don't leave a buffet when you're full, you leave when you hate yourself for eating way too much. It's a marathon of many courses, and you sometimes you end up eating your weight in food.

One woman so selflessly shared some pro-tips about the realities of buffets and how we can out-smart and out-eat ourselves in a whole new way. The goods, the bads, and the messy side of buffets get revealed, with nothing left out.

As you fill your plate and stuff your face the next time you head to a buffet, you'll have this Twitter thread in mind the entire time because its' tips are truly unforgettable. Your mind is surely going to be blown, and your stomach and your wallet will thank you. Hopefully, we'll see these genius tweets on the menu of a buffet, to educate those who come after us.

Loving a buffet comes easy.

We were all born with an innate desire to deeply love buffets. There are very small groups of people who don't enjoy buffets, and those people probably cannot be trusted.

Get ready to feast.

Before you head to a buffet, it takes some serious mental preparation.

You have to go in with a plan.

First and foremost, always dress for the occasion. Wearing white is a big no-no; you are almost guaranteed to spill food on yourself. Also, don't bother wearing jeans because those things will not make your life easier while you stuff your face. These are just basic tips.

It's easy to get over-stimulated.

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There are so many options, so many choices, so many styles of food that it can feel quite overwhelming.

There's definitely a better way to approach the buffet.

There's a way to succeed before you even set foot in the buffet line and thankfully, we have an expert that laid it all out on a Twitter thread.

Listen up, ladies and gents.

Jackie Jennings is not playing games. You heard the woman; she's obviously well-versed in the buffet area and is taking this topic head-on with confidence.

Get out your pen and paper.

It's about to get real informative. Your life is about to be forever changed.

Know your tools.

Buffet plates are not like normal plates; they are preparing you for war.

No shame in your game.

It's all about you today. Your buffet plate can handle the pressure so go ahead and load it up.

The tongs and spoons are also prepared for war.

Those spoons are so heavy they could knock someone out. They have been trained to lift heavy loads and to carry you through the weight of a long buffet day.

Your eyes are the window to your stomach.

Most importantly, trust your eyes, even if they are way bigger than your stomach. If your eyes are drawn something, just follow their lead. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself.

Do your recon.

Heading to the first area you see is a rookie mistake. Do a full scan before you commit to anything.

No one wants a plate full of baby carrots.

The buffet definitely can have a walk of shame. Take a lap. Notice the areas that have the food that you love. Definitely take note of the dessert area as well. Recon is incredibly important.

Don't accept food stereotypes.

Sometimes the way the buffet food is laid out makes you assume certain combinations, forcing you to live inside a box of preconceived food generalizations. You are better than this.

Naive eaters will not thrive.

Skip. The. Lettuce. You deserve better! You're already here at the buffet, so really treat yourself. Make that cheese and veggie tray as if Gordon Ramsay was watching you. Get creative! Bacon mac and cheese? That's real art.

You're a buffet hero!

You have a chance to stand out amongst the other buffet-goers. Don't let those glass walls between food items hold you back from mixing and matching your toppings.

Don't let them fool you.

Sometimes lobster and steak are in smaller dishes, making you feel more conservative when you dig out your portions. Don't fall for that trick.

Yes. Yes, there is.

There are piles of shrimp and lobster in the back. You do you, boo. Take as much steak as your heart desires.

Drain your liquids!

Some buffets make you weight your plate. Do not give money for dressing. That's not how professional buffet-lovers do their work. Avoid liquids even in your salsa. Drain that stuff.

You have to be smart!

You'll be eternally grateful for not paying for your extra liquid. A little goes a long way in a buffet line.

Mayo is a no-no.

Mayo can sit out all day which is pretty disturbing. Just stay away if you can.

Be plate savvy.

Organization is sometimes very helpful. Having a hot and cold plate can keep you sane and keep your food happy.

Plates are meant to keep you in control.

It's okay to use multiple plates, no judgement at all. Sometimes the best warriors have the most weapons.

Like white on rice.

Again, be smart here. Yes, white rice is great, but if you're paying by the pound, you better be grabbing heaping portions of fried rice to get some bang for your buck.

I know, it's a common mistake.

Don't be embarrassed, we've all made this mistake. But going forward, we will always choose fried rice.

Live your best life.

Who cares how many times you get up? This is your time to shine, honey.

You better work it.

You walk with confidence as you get up to get another plate. The buffet is your runway.

Most importantly...

Always tip. Don't be that jerk that assumes your authority so high above others that you cannot tip those hard workers! Especially because they will be cleaning all those plates you so confidently grabbed.

Tipping is good for the soul.

If you've ever worked in a restaurant, or if you're a true soldier and worked in a buffet, you know how tips can really change the direction of your day! Always pay it forward and tip your staff.

Pro-tips from other fans.

Others chimed in with some helpful tips, like how important it really is to just use another plate instead of spreading your nasty germs over the holy ground of a buffet.

Maybe lettuce is our friend.

Here's a whole other perspective on lettuce: it can be used to really spread out your food options. It can actually give you more room.

The middle is the safe spot.

Grab your cold foods from the middle! This is a game changer.

Maybe skip the soda.

Another thoughtful tip: that sugar from your soda can fill you up just as quick. Choose wisely here.

We are eternally grateful.

@ohhijackie is an all-American hero, and we are so thankful for her selfless service. 

Jackie is happy to offer help.

As long as we follow her instructions.

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