It seems like nowadays, everyone is obsessed with having the slimmest waist and the biggest butt. But one woman's fitness story is a little bit different than the rest.

Last year, registered nurse Claire Maxwell fainted at work and suffered a broken jaw after falling on the floor.

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As you can imagine, eating was nearly impossible when your jaw is wired shut, and the 28-year-old lost 13 pounds from her 5-foot 9-inch frame, weighing 117 pounds at her lowest point.

In an Instagram post revealing her before-and-after accident body, Claire admitted she's never been one to obsess over her weight.

But when she saw she'd dropped below 120 pounds, her initial reaction wasn't one of glee - it was the need to get healthier by gaining back the weight.

"I knew I needed to gain back the weight but I didn't see the hurry," she wrote on Instagram.

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"I didn't think I looked unhealthy. I thought I looked fine...lean even. It wasn't until I saw this photo that I remember thinking, 'Oh, sh*t...definitely do not have a butt anymore.'"

Claire told Cosmopolitan.com that she had to wait six long weeks after her jaw was unwired in order to even get back to a healthy, solid food meal plan.

She recruited a personal trainer friend to help her get back in shape, and she laid out a weight-gain program that included high-carbs and high-calories.

As far as exercise, Claire didn't jump back into her regular workout prior to the accident, but opted for a less intense version of weight-training and plyometrics.

Claire is a warrior though, and she wasn't about to stop there.

With her new regimen, Claire managed to get back to her original weight of 130 pounds in just one month.

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But the 10 pounds she gained back was all fat, since her recovery workout limited her ability to use heavy weights and build muscle.

As she continued to recover over the next couple of months, she slowly yet steadily reincorporated her old weight routine and built her strength up again.

While she stayed steady at 130 pounds, the biggest difference was her body fat composition and muscle mass.

Claire specifically targeted her rear end, and dedicated a total of 4 1/2 hours of glute work at the gym every week.

"I know it's a lot," she continued.

"But for someone who has a lean, delicate build, and given my fall, I had to put in a lot of work at the gym."

It sure looks like that work is paying off. She looked before, but now she looks even more amazing.

For those who want to imitate Claire's routine, her workout included a mix of cable-machine work, leg presses, split squats, weighted walking lunges, deadlifts, kickbacks, kettlebell swings, and more.

We got tired just reading all of that, and that's not even the end of it.

There's also the 45-minute StairMaster sessions she did three times a week.

Now that's dedication.

After showing off her weight gain, Claire suggested her followers do the same, by not always putting so much pressure on themselves when they see a certain number on a scale.

"I just really encourage you guys to adjust your goals based on what you see in the mirror and how you are feeling about your body (if that makes sense)," she wrote on Instagram.

"Yes, the number on the scale CAN be an indicator of progress, but it is NOT the only indicator."

"I look at these photos and on the right is someone who is healthy, happy, confident, and those are the things that I strive for. Those are what will make your progress meaningful, not the number on the damn scale #screwthescale #gainingweightiscool"

And that's something we can all get behind!

Pun totally intended.

If you'd like to follow along with Claire's fitness journey...

You can find her @claireguentz on Instagram, where she has many more lovely photos like this.