Fact: Movie theater snacks cost way too dang much. You think you're safe just getting some Mike and Ike's and a Diet Coke and suddenly, the cashier is like "that will be 25 dollars, ma'am." Sorry, what?

But lo and behold! There is apparently a way around this predicament. All you have to do is sneak your own snacks into the movie theater and suddenly your total cost is brought significantly lower. And sure, there are the tried and true sneaking methods that we've all used in the past, but now there's an even better way to get your outside food inside the theater.

All it takes is a couple bucks, sheer ingenuity, and a quick jaunt to your local Michael's Crafts.


You have a lot of options when it comes to sneaking food into movie theaters.

There's the old "stuff it in a bag" maneuver. It works, but it's not exactly elegant. Plus, you run the risk of errant pieces of candy trickling down your shirt and sprinkling to the ground.

There's also the "Dress your snack up like a baby" method:

But baby carriers are expensive. And honestly, this takes a level of artistry that we don't have. Lucky for you, there's a better way.

It was discovered by Twitter user Angela Brisk, and boy, is it genius.

Once you read this lifehack, you'll never go back to the old way of doing things. Ready for it?

First, head to the craft store.

via: Twitter

You're gonna need a styrofoam bowl. Remember: Bigger is better.

You're totally confused now, right?

We know. Stick with us. Now, take that styrofoam bowl...

And shove it under your sweatshirt!

via: Twitter

Voila! The Immaculate Milk-Dud-ception! Pregnant woman or candy-loving lady on a mission? Who's to say?

Angela's candy lifehack has gone viral since she posted it.

It's not hard to see why. She's clearly a certified genius.

People can't stop singing her praises!

What candy would you sneak in using this method? Milk Duds? Buncha Crunch? Remember, you're not limited to the movie theater candy selection. You're only limited to the size of the styrofoam bowl.

And here's a bonus hack:

Your pseudo pregnancy belly easily doubles as a bowl for all your snacks! Just don't forget to replace the bowl under your shirt before you leave, or else you might get some very curious looks.

As far as we can see, there's only one downside to this clever plan:

It won't work forever. But don't worry. We're betting that within 10 months, there will be another candy-sneaking lifehack for you to use! Now get thee to a craft store!