This Working Mom’s Post Shows the Insane Juggling Act All Working Parents Experience

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Parenting comes with a boatload of challenges, but among the toughest is the quest to find that work-life balance. On one the hand, having kids necessitates being able to provide for them. On the other, once you have kids, you start to want to work less, so that you can spend more time with them.

Many moms are all too familiar with this excruciating struggle.

No one knows this better than one New Jersey mother who’s not only raising a beautiful daughter, but also the owner of a thriving salon business. She recently proved that, while finding a happy medium between parenting and work is tough, with serious focus, anything is possible.

There’s a reason the “baby bug” bites many of us — and that’s because children are truly a gift. They’re cuter, tinier, sassier versions of us, and once they arrive on the scene, we get to experience life as a family and start building a lifetime of adventures together. They grow up fast, so we try to enjoy it while we can.

Right after that first diaper change, it hits us — parenting is going to take a fair amount of work. OK, it’s actually a lot of work, albeit work that’s totally worth it. Still, it’s a good thing kids are cute, because that balances out the laundry list of chores we have to complete just to keep up with them.

Anyone who has kids knows that some of the greatest hurdles parents face are mundane tasks like dishes, laundry, and toilet-scrubbing. With little people running around the house, chores get even more time-consuming. It takes kids about three seconds to fill up a hamper with dirty clothes or a sink full of dirty plates, and most moms and dads can only scramble to keep up.

Sure, keeping everything tidy with kids around is one thing, but once they start school, there’s even more to do. From preschool to senior year, you’ll have drops-offs, pick-ups, activities and everything in-between to contend with, too. Oh, and there’s also that little matter of helping kids with their homework. Nothing like learning fifth-grade math again, right?

Dishes and packing lunches aside, nothing quite compares with a parent’s constant struggle to find a happy medium between working and spending quality time with their children. Providing food for our little ones comes at the expense of our time and attention. When you’re too focused on work, it often feels like your parenting suffers — and vice versa. So we do what we can, going back and forth to balance things out.

This is Melek Ustunluk. She’s a working mom who owns her own business as well. With only a small amount of cash in her pocket, this New Jersey native started a beauty shop in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Now extremely successful, Ustunluk’s braiding and general hair expertise have made her the go-to styist for celebs like Allen Iverson and Travis Scott.

Though Ustunluk is a hot commodity when it comes to business and braiding, like any good parent, she makes sure her daughter is priority number one. The fabulous hairstylist recently shared this darling clip on Instagram, and social media immediately took notice of the hardworking mom with the beautiful baby on her lap.

Ustunluk says that her mom usually watches her baby girl, Capella, while she’s at work. But her mom couldn’t make it that day, so Ustunluk did what any working parent would do in her position. She swooped her precious little girl up, and took her in to the office, or in this case, salon. If you’re wondering what level of hairstyling skill Ustunluk displayed here, that would be “expert.”

Ustunluk is very in-demand in the braiding world, and now often styles celebs who know how talented she is. She doesn’t keep her clients waiting for that business either. So when she had to bring Capella with her to work, the only thing to do was to ask her client if he was fine with the baby being right there on her lap. He said yes, and she got right to work making her own brand of hair magic.

It’s no surprise that someone so hardworking and loving would want to encourage others. Ustunluk says she wanted to share the clip of that day so that parents, especially single moms trying to find work-life balance, would find inspiration in the positive images. She captioned it, “Mom’s got to do what a Mom’s got to do” — which couldn’t be more accurate.

We’re in awe of Ustunluk’s passion for her work and her family. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, the candid shot tells us that her attitude toward people and her love of doing hair will take her to amazing places. Moms and dads everywhere should take comfort in the fact that, although it may not always look perfect, as long as we’re doing our best to find balance, that’s what counts.