Paris Hilton is the ultimate (and the original) influencer, and she has truly made a legacy for herself.

But her latest documentary has unearthed some sad truths about the star, and now many are offering her an apology.

Paris Hilton... the original influencer.

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Paris, who is now thirty-nine, is perhaps the person to thank for the generation of social media influencers and she has been a fashion icon for years now.

But when did it all start?

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Well, let's rewind to the late 1990s when Paris was just nineteen-years-old.

Paris already came from a prestigious family...

As everyone knows by her name, her great grandfather founded the Hilton hotel chain, meaning her family were considerably wealthy.

From a young age, Paris had a very esteemed socialite...

And signing with Donald Trump's modeling agency, T Management, gave her the exposure that she wanted and needed.

After a few years of modeling...

Paris' big breakthrough came in 2003 when she co-starred in the reality series The Simple Life with co-socialite Nicole Richie.

The high-maintenance pair lived with a couple who lived in a rural community in Arkansas...

And their dim yet hilarious outlook on life built the show a huge fan base.

Did you know that Paris has had her signature line, "That's Hot," trademarked?

Yep, it is officially hers.

And after an intimate video was released of Paris online...

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The show became a global success, plunging the young woman even more into the limelight.

Fans just seemed to love everything about the glamourous socialite...

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And even when The Simple Life came to an end in 2006 after Paris and Nicole very publically fell out, she continued to rise to fame.

Paris went on to appear in a number of low-budget comedy movies...

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But she never starred in anything big enough to define her as a serious actress.

Not to mention her stabs in the music industry!

She has released one album and she has worked as a DJ at big events over the years.

Her social life seemed to be her full-time profession...

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And Paris would spend the majority of her time in Beverly Hills with A-listers and millionaires... living her best life pretty much!

Many people hail Paris Hilton as the person to "create" Kim Kardashian...

Kim actually worked as Paris' closet organizer for a few years, and when Paris publically fell out with Nicole Richie, Kim stepped in as her temporary "BFF."

Kim most certainly wouldn't be as famous as she is today if it wasn't for being friends with Paris...

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And even though the women have had their ups and downs, Kim will be the first to admit this fact. On an episode of KUWTK last year, Kim said, "I really would wanna do anything for her... She literally gave me a career, and I totally acknowledge that."

So... what is Paris doing now?

When she isn't posing glamorous snaps on Instagram, she continues to model and work as a media personality and businesswoman from her multi-million dollar home in California.

We literally cannot imagine Paris not living her multi-million dollar life...

But this week, her documentary This Is Paris has shaken the internet.

In it, we saw the real person behind the persona.

Including a truly harrowing tale of sexual abuse.

And the internet has had one overriding reaction.

We totally got it wrong.

You can watch the full documentary here.

And for more from the original influencers, scroll on...