Trump supporters, as far as the eye could see, lined the streets of California to cheer on the president as he drove by.

People even paid thousands, just to attend his fundraiser...

Trump rallies have become a serious talking point.

During a global pandemic, you would think rallies with thousands upon thousands of people would be avoided, but not Trump ones.

Herds of people flock to the events to catch a glimpse of their hero.

Yeah, for some reason, they want to see Donald Trump in the flesh.

Of course, the election is soon so Joe Biden is also out doing the rounds.

But his have been slightly (only slightly) safer as there was some social distancing.

But the folks at Trump rallies really don't know what social distancing is.

The events also seem to contain some strange sights...

Have you ever wondered how exactly the President of the United States would dance along to the Village People's hit, "YMCA?"

I know, it sounds like a crudely edited meme you'd find in the depths of Twitter binge, doesn't it?

Well, you would be mistaken.

It actually happened.

But the most recent rally has to be the largest we've seen so far.

Thousands of supporters were seen cheering for the president in California.

But what else would you expect from followers of a man who said the global pandemic was nothing but a sham?

Until he got infected with it himself, but he lived to tell the tale... And downplay the virus of course.

Remember when the president tweeted this?

"I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!"

Now, telling a country to not be afraid of a virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans is an extremely reckless thing to say...

And, of course, people were not happy with his choice of announcement, considering thousands of Americans losing loved ones to the disease.

It's vital for the president to stop downplaying the virus.

And to stop referring to it as a "blessing in disguise."

Clearly, he is under the impression that he holds some sort of "immunity."

During a phone call with Fox Business on Thursday morning, the President revealed some details about his health, including the fact that he's a "perfect physical specimen..." and is now "immune" to coronavirus.

And, when he was asked if other people would get the treatments he got while recovering, he said this:

“Yeah, they’re going to get it. I’m back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I'm extremely young, and so I am lucky in that way." Young?

Anyway, the immunity factor still remains uncertain.

Scientists have not yet confirmed if this is the case, though they are hoping that it's true.

Because despite the blatant lack of scientific evidence...

Trump is evidently so wrapped up and convinced by his claims of immunity that he decided it is time to start hosting very public events again.

With the latest one blowing people's minds...

"Thousands upon thousands" of Trump supporters waving flags, lined the streets in Orange County, California for the president's fundraiser on Sunday.

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, captured the fans on video.

It looked like total chaos as people cheered on the motorcade driving to Newport Beach.

Thousands of Americans could be seen lining the streets...

Donning Maga hats and holding huge signs just weeks before the election.

Trump arrived in Orange County on Sunday just briefly before heading to his fundraising event.

The fundraiser was hosted by Oculus Rift co-founder, Palmer Luckey.

Ticket prices for the fundraiser at Newport Beach started at $2,800 for a basic ticket, up to $150,000 per couple!

And people actually paid for it! Madness.

Check out the video below...

Unbelievable indeed. Keep scrolling for more Trump news...