After Three Women Find Out They’re Dating the Same Man They Move into Converted School Bus Together

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Imagine thinking you’d found the one, then realizing he’d found 2 other ones. Well, this was a sad reality for 3 women who have gone viral this week.

At the end of 2020, Morgan Tabor, Abi Roberts, and Bekah King discovered they’d all been dating the exact same guy. But their reaction was quite unusual – and the internet is loving it.

The 3 women learned of each other’s existence via Instagram and decided to FaceTime to learn about one another’s experiences with the same guy. “From there it was just a lot of us comparing timelines, deconstructing this person that we thought we knew and trusted, and that was insane,” Roberts told Insider. “At this point, we’ve been texting each other nonstop, just really trying to heal from this and understand what had happened to us.”

After meeting up, the girls learned that their communal boyfriend had promised each of them he’d take a road trip with them. So in April 2021, the 3 clubbed together and bought a school bus for them to live in together as they explored the USA.

First, they had to renovate the bus to make it liveable. “It was really, really challenging, but so, so much fun,” Roberts said. “I think we all learned a lot about construction and about our capabilities. It took a lot of research and planning and budgeting, but it was so worth it. It was exhausting, but in the best of ways, it paid off.”

But although the process was difficult, the girls believed it helped them process the pain of their breakups. “It was definitely healing to just spend some time putting our energy into something really productive and creative rather than something destructive,” Tabor said. “I think that was really important.”

They then moved into their bus and began their adventures. It has everything you’d need to survive, including a fridge and a sink in the kitchen area, and three separate beds for each of the girls. There’s plenty of storage, and even a toilet – although it’s only used in emergencies.

And, in spite of the small space, the 3 have really enjoyed living in close quarters together. “It was actually a lot easier than I think we originally thought it would be,” Tabor said. “I think we’re all very comfortable with each other, and we don’t bug each other that much. We’re just cracking jokes and having fun.”

And now they’ve tried life in a bus, the girls claim they don’t see themselves ever going back. “We love the community out here,” Tabor said. “I think we’d like to keep doing this as long as we can. This has been a dream for all of us, and it’s been really awesome to be out here, and I really wouldn’t want to go back.”

This is definitely the most wholesome thing you’ll read today!