Throuple Say Haters Are Just Jealous of Their ‘Dream Life’

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A Connecticut “throuple” has divulged details about their polyamorous lifestyle which they claim has sparked jealous reactions from haters.

“I obviously had sex with both of them from the beginning, but we actually didn’t make it a party until a few months in,” Steven Bolden, twenty-seven, said of his romantic tripleheader with Daniella Masciola, twenty-one, and Priscilla Soares, twenty-six, as per the New York Post.

The throuple has now been in a polyamorous relationship since May 2020 and Boden described the trio as a “dream come true.”

They also post about their slightly different relationship status on their shared Instagram page which has over 4,000 followers.

“There are no rules to love ???” one of their Instagram captions reads.

Bolden and Soares had started a long-term, open relationship in 2019, but then they met Masciola who completely changed their lives… for the better.

Masciola met both Bolden and Soares at a store she used to work at. Bolden took Masciola aside and pleaded with her to persuade Soares not to buy the footwear she was looking at as he’d already purchased them in secret for her birthday.

Masciola told the birthday girl that they were out of matching pairs, prompting her boyfriend to return to the store “a week or 2 later” and gifted her a box of chocolates as a thank you for helping him with that task.

While Masciola thought that Bolden was very attractive, she thought he might be a cheater…but that wasn’t the case.

After running into Bolden again, Masciola started dating him and their instant chemistry sparked Bolden to officially introduce Soars and Masciola.

Fast-forwarding a couple of months, the lovers have formed a polyamorous relationship, meaning they only date each other.

Even though Masciola doesn’t live with her 2 partners, she sleeps in their bed every night – something that they have described as the “hardest part of the relationship.” Because nothing quite compares to your own space in bed, right?

“Both Priscilla and I like sleeping on the end of the bed,” Masciola explained, “So does Steven but, of course, it’s ladies first — 99 percent of the time, he’s squished in the middle.”

But of course, the couple has received backlash over their relationship status.

“The hardest thing about our relationship is outside voices,” said Bolden, who said they’ve received “disgusting messages from people calling the girls stupid, manipulated, and lost.” Bolden claimed he’s personally been called “narcissistic, insecure” and even a closet homosexual, adding, “I think a lot of hate actually comes from jealousy.”

A big misconception about a throuple is that it’s a sexual free-for-all and that we are basically swingers, which is not what we are at all, insisted the polyamory trustee. “Picture a traditional, happy, healthy relationship — then multiply it by three and you have our relationship.”

While the throuple’s relationship may include more threesomes than other couples have, Bolden said that “for the most part, it’s one-on-one,” adding, “Threesomes every day would just be too much work!”

What do you think about polyamory?