Tiffany Trump's Double Life Is Finally Out in the Open | 22 Words

Tiffany Trump isn't exactly the most high-profile member of the Trump family. But there are a ton of secrets about the president's daughter...

Tiffany has sort of managed to separate herself from the rest of the Trump clan over the years.

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Maybe it was that she's the only child from Trump's marriage to Marla Maples? Maybe it's that her father joked to Howard Stern about wanting to have her aborted?

But maybe it's the fact she's just a young kid who was thrown into a terrible situation and not, you know, a calculating criminal.

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Whatever it is, Tiffany has mainly flown under the radar since her father took office. And that's hard to do when your last name is Trump.

She's a graduate from Georgetown Law, and she pops up every once in a while at White House functions.

We assume it's to help the rest of the Trumps appear more functional as a family. Even though, to some, Tiffany's presence doesn't really isn't help the cause, it's a noble effort on her part.

When she's not posing for official White House portraits, Tiffany is living it up with Instagram filters.

She's all about them.

But in spite of her low profile, there are some strange things about Tiffany Trump.

And the internet is keen to get to the bottom of the mystery.

TIffany's romantic life has been something of a mystery.

Last year it was reported she was dating Michael Boulos, but the pair's current status is still up in the air ...

And another weird relationship of Tiffany's?

The one with her father ...

The pair have always been distant.

And there are rumors they go months without speaking - particularly over the past four years.

Tiffany is distant from many members of her family.

With rumors abounding that Trump had conspired with Ivanka to remove Tiffany from his will.

She was the only one of his adult children who wasn't a part of her father's transition team.

That's gotta hurt!

She's much closer to her mom than her dad.

Trump's mistress turned second wife, Marla Maples.

And it seems Tiffany is keen to get closer to her dad.

Speaking at the Republican National Convention and taking a much more active role in his political life ...

It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens next in Tiffany's life.

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