‘Tiger King’ Memes Are Taking Over the Internet and We’re Not Mad About It

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If there’s one thing we’re all doing right now, it’s binge-watching. There’s no point denying it because no one can resist a Netflix original, can they?

Well, recently, one show has been stealing the spotlight. From eccentric characters to weird haircuts, Tiger King has become a talking point amongst the masses and for good reason. So, as a treat, I’ve compiled some of the best memes on Twitter for your scrolling pleasure. They’re hilarious, to say the least.

Have fun!

Honey, he’s not thinking anything helpful…

I wish I could unsee this.

Why is this so accurate?

That’s the money shot…

This one theory has united so many people around the world. Wow.

Very relatable given the current pandemic.

I’m sorry if you know either of these men…

For those of you that haven’t watched this series yet… Here you go.

I can assure you, there are a lot of Carole Baskin jokes to come.

This is the American, southern version of Aladdin.

He looks awfully familiar?

Have some respect when you talk about Joe and his husbands.

Finally, a place where Post Malone finally fits in.

I would be too, Howard.

She really just did what she had to do… Yikes.

If you don’t get this, then leave now.

I could get down with this.

This is Carole’s official logo.

I told you I had some jokes about Carole and her former husband…

This is a difficult game of “spot the difference.”

Carole, sweetie, just go home.

Be like Jeff. Jeff gets away with a lot.

I think I could easily beat it though…

I didn’t even bat an eyelid.

What’s wrong with it? It’s Allen in a bubble bath… So?

I’m ready to leave. I didn’t sign up for this.

I’m exhausted from just looking at the memes.

Trust me, he is the normal one.

I did love John Finlay a lot to be honest.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re in for a treat!

Twitter has taken things to a whole new level with this meme. I’m here for it.

Someone take this crazy b**** to court!

I don’t regret watching the show one little bit. Those of you who do should be ashamed of yourselves.

The only answer to 99% of our problems.

What’s worse than seeing yourself on video chat? Seeing Carole on the other side.

I’m sure this is a snapshot taken from their performance of “Play My Music.” No lies.

2021 will be our year.

Whoever did this needs arresting immediately.

This is what men think when they hear the word “feminist.”

It’s important to teach your children important life lessons and Tiger King does just that.

These are just the facts.

Just in case you couldn’t tell the difference.

We’re in a strange world right now, but I’m just going with the flow… What else can you do, eh?


No one could ever compare.

But guess what? John Finaly got some nice-ass veneers, that you can see if you keep scrolling so leave him alone.

It ain’t Carole.

Whoever edited this deserves an award.

This is literally what I looked like when I tried to cut my own bangs… Never again.

If only he had that ability…

I’m ordering one too!

Don’t tell me Hillary’s given up her political career?

Still can’t see the difference…

Crazy breeds crazy and that’s the bottom line… Because Joe Exotic said so.

Is Carole a secret VSCO girl? That’s the real question we should be asking ourselves.

“Name a better duo…” Twitter is really killing me off right now.

Let’s hope her remains aren’t fed to tigers… Like her husband’s were.

No questions asked, lock them all up.

Put some respect on Florida Georgia Line’s name, please.

Don’t do that to an entire nation.

You can be many things in life, don’t be a Carole.

I’m sure these were taken at the Presidential Debate in 2016, right?

I feel sorry for everyone else in the world called Carole Baskin. This show really exposed her.

I told you, I won’t tolerate any disrespect towards my king, John Finlay.

Big yikes!

I agree. But I love it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more relatable show than this one.

I can solve the puzzle too.

Can someone pass him a tissue, please?

Tiger King is available to watch on Netflix.

And if you’re looking to see John Finlay’s new set of teeth, keep scrolling. He’s completely transformed, so he looks unrecognizable.