‘Tiger King’ Star Jeff Johnson Dead by Suicide

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Tiger King star, Jeff Johnson has sadly died.

Johnson tragically died by suicide.

Since the news broke, tributes for the star have been pouring in…

Now, Tiger King has really got us by the throat…

So much so that even the name “Joe Exotic” has become a household staple. The eccentric big cat owner rose to fame after the release of the Netflix series, Tiger King.

Tiger King is perhaps the most binge-able show Netflix has ever graced our screens with.

And that’s saying something…

The Tiger King docuseries gave us a majestic insight into the captivity of big cats here in America.

The 7-part series retells the story of a war between a very flamboyant tiger owner named Joe Exotic and his enemy, a Florida-based animal activist named Carole Baskin.

But it isn’t just about the lions and tigers…

It is mostly about the scandalous lives of these people in America’s big cat community…

There was a lot of drama in the life of Joe Exotic…

And the big cat owner seemed to really have it in for Carole Baskin, with footage showing him repeatedly wishing death upon her and describing how he would like to kill her after she tried to expose his zoo.

But people seemed to forget that this was actually based on real-life…

And when Joe’s life gradually began to spiral out of control, he landed himself into some deep trouble.

Joe is an openly gay man…

But, after he married both John Finlay and Travis Maldonado in a 3-way ceremony, both of his husbands gradually deteriorated with drug use and mental health problems. Travis tragically took his own life after he made claims that he wasn’t at all gay, and Joe had simply hoodwinked him by fueling his addictions.

And after this marriage tragically fell apart…

Joe himself fell into a downward spiral and his obsession with Carole and her missing ex-husband grew even bigger.

And things slowly took a turn for the worst.

Joe was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison.

He allegedly hired a hitman to take Carole out while she was biking down a deserted bike path…

But, the FBI became involved and thus foiled his dangerous plan.

Most of us believe that this sentencing is more than reasonable.

Despite how cooky he comes across on camera, it’s undeniable that Joe belongs behind bars for his appalling behavior to both his staff and his innocent animals.

With Joe still behind bars, we thought we had seen it all in the first series, but it seems that’s not the case…

A few months ago it was announced that Tiger King 2 was on the way, and just last week, it was released.

But, in all the excitement of the season release, some tragic news has emeged…

Jeff Johnson, who briefly appeared in episode 4 of the first series, has died.

Johnson had a brief stint on the show when he appeared to talk with Carole Baskin.

He was also said to have been friends with Exotic at one time, though that did not last.

Johnson died in September after he shot himself in front of his wife, TMZ reports.

The incident report, obtained by TMZ, states that Johnson was arguing with his wife on September 8 when he brought a handgun to his head. Stood inside of their garage, Johnson then shot himself.

Johnson’s wife is said to have phoned for authorities who arrived and rushed him to the hospital.

However, despite having a pulse when officers arrived, Johnson was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The outlet reports that he had not suffered from any mental illness.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Jeff Johnson.