People have taken to TikTok to share the rules they want for their future wedding and as dramatic as some of these guidelines may be, I wholeheartedly agree with them.

Wedding planning is nothing short of stressful.

There's just so much to think about.

But you have to be lying if you say you haven't given it some thought.

The venue, the dress, the food, the vows, the whole lot. It's nothing to be ashamed of, we've all done it.

But some of us have planned even the little details.

And now, people have taken to TikTok to share some of their crazy ideas with other people. Even though some of these are pushing the boat out pretty far, I've been taking notes.

And it seems as though a lot of other people are too.


The trend started getting more hype when Jay aka @flossybaby decided to jump on it and share her ideas.

She had a list of 7 rules, and yes, they get crazier and crazier the further down you go. Here they are...

1. No kids.


"It's not a family reunion," she said in the video. "If you bring a kid, you will be in the parking lot where you can live stream the wedding using a projector."

Definitely adding that one to my list too.

​2. Must bring a gift.

Facts, why bother coming without a gift for me? It's my wedding. Cute shoes or cute purses, but other gifts will also be accepted.

3. No big announcements.


​This is an important one.

"This is not the time to announce proposals or pregnancies," she explained. "The only thing you need to be announcing is [when you're leaving]."

4. Everyone must recite a Nicki (Minaj) verse.

TikTok is obsessed with Nicki Minaj and for good reason too, she is the queen of rap. But is it taking things too far asking people to recite a full verse from one of her songs in order to get into your wedding?

Nah, I think it's pretty reasonable, to be honest. If you're not a Barb, why are you even there?

5. No long speeches.


Jay has set her time limit to 2 minutes.

6. No extra guests.

Who would want someone they don't even know at their wedding? Weird. Anyway, there's a fine for bringing extra guests and Jay stated hers was $1,000 per guest.

7. No wearing white.


Now, this rule is obvious, but some people (typically mother in laws, or your brother's snotty girlfriend) don't seem to understand that. Security can take care of that problem.

And after this list hit 1 million likes, others followed suit, sharing their wild wedding rules too.


This women was so serious about hers that she split it into 2 parts...


Here's part 2 as well:


And this woman is actually engaged, so she shared some rules she will be implementing very soon...


And finally, we have one more from a woman who's lived it and is ready to help you through yours too...


I’m kinda dramatic sorry #weddingrules #weddingtiktok #bride #weddingdiy

Thanks for all the tips guys, I have noted them all down.

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