Vets Speak Out Against ‘Dangerous’ TikTok Trend | 22 Words

Vets have issued a grave warning after TikToks emerged showing a shocking trend of feeding dogs hot sauce...

And of course, it has left people outraged...


When will these bizarre and dangerous trends come to an end?!

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These worrisome TikTok trends sadly aren't anything out of the ordinary.


As a result of the streaming app, the internet is simply teeming with homemade videos - some innocent and entertaining - but some with slightly more sinister undertones.

The app was originally designed for users to create and share short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.


But, in the last couple of years, TikTok's popularity has boomed, with millions of users now making original content through the app.

Of course, the majority of these videos are light-hearted and humorous...

But there's always going to be some pretty strange stuff to slip through the cracks.

Because, if there's one thing that TikTok has become known for in the last year...


It's that some of its content can be downright disturbing.

And the latest trend is a perfect yet sad example of this.

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The bizarre new trend involves people putting hot sauce on chicken and feeding it to their pet dogs.

And people are understandably sickened by the trend...


Not only are the videos not funny in the slightest, but they're also dangerous, according to a veterinarian.

Multiple users have posted videos of themselves feeding hot sauce loaded chicken to their dogs.

"Give your dog something with hot sauce and get their reaction," one video's caption said.

As they showed themselves offering up a piece to their pooch.

Some dogs eat the food straight away before realizing how spicy it is...


Oops. 🥺 Part 2 to show how much he cared. ##hotsaucechallenge ##dogchallenge ##siberianhusky ##husky

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While others snarl and refuse to eat it.

A veterinary technician has since spoken out, saying the trend could cause pancreatitis and inflammation in dogs.


"Stop doing trends with pets," Peter from @vet_techs_pj said on TikTok on March 2.

He said that while some dogs might seem to enjoy it, hot sauce is actually dangerous for pets...


In the video, he showed a dog whose owners kept feeding him chicken with hot sauce because they enjoyed his reaction. Only for him to get severely ill.

"They just kept giving him more and more because I guess his reaction was just so funny but now he's in the hospital with pancreatitis," he said.


Some trends can be fun with pets, but let’s remember safety first. ##vet ##trend ##vettech ##fyp ##fy ##pet ##pets ##chicken ##dogsoftiktok ##dog

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Many of the comments were infuriated by the dog owner's actions.

Dr. Mary Altomare, the head veterinarian at the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter in New Jersey, said that hot sauce causes "great discomfort" to the dog's body, even if they don't show it.


"As it travels to their stomach, it can cause further upset such as heartburn and even ulcerations," Altomare said. "Once it passes through the stomach, pets are likely to experience intestinal cramping and diarrhea. Depending on how sensitive of a stomach your pet has, you may also see some vomiting and subsequent dehydration."

She also cautioned against feeding dogs onions and garlic, which is highly toxic to animals.


These are sometimes found in hot sauce. "They both contain a specific ingredient called n-propyl disulfide that targets and can destroy red blood cells in dogs, causing anemia," she said.

When will these insane challenges stop?

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