TikTok Has Made This ’90s Favorite Lipstick Sell Out Again

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There is some seriously good news on the horizon.

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Remember the 90s? Friends, The Simpsons, Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France.

But you can’t be forgetting lipstick. Or specifically, Clinique Black Honey Lipstick.

TikTok has been making absolute waves in the world of makeup and cosmetics, but now it’s doing something different… It’s bringing back some old time classics and even selling them out.

The latest product that has blown up the app is a lipstick beauty lovers already know as a cult classic.

90s babies get pumped– Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is going viral on TikTok. Clinique Almost Lipstick is back!

Although the product was initially launched in the 70s….

It only came to prominence in the 90s……. And now it’s coming back.

You can find Clinique Almost Lipstick on Amazon.

And it’s got rave reviews too.