Doctors have issued a grave warning after TikToks emerged showing a shocking trend of putting "erection cream" on lips to make them bigger...

And of course, it has left people feeling very unsettled.


When will these bizarre and dangerous trends come to an end?!

Keep scrolling to see the clip that started it all...

These worrisome TikTok trends sadly aren't anything out of the ordinary.


As a result of the streaming app, the internet is simply teeming with homemade videos - some innocent and entertaining - but some with slightly more sinister undertones.

The app was originally designed for users to create and share short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.


But, in the last couple of years, TikTok's popularity has boomed, with millions of users now making original content through the app.

Of course, the majority of these videos are light-hearted and humorous...

But there's always going to be some pretty strange stuff to slip through the cracks.

Because, if there's one thing that TikTok has become known for in the last year...


It's that some of its content can be downright disturbing.

And the latest trend is a perfect yet sad example of this.

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The bizarre new trend involves people putting erection cream - a cream commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction - on their lips in an attempt to make them appear bigger.

Now, we all know about the obsession with big lips that has taken over the internet in the last decade.

Usually dubbed as the "Kylie Jenner effect," the desire to have a much plumper and fuller pout just like Kylie Jenner's is now an obsession online - especially in young people and teenagers.

Who could forget the notorious "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge"?

Teenagers all across the world would deliberately apply suction to their lips in an attempt to make them plumper and "more attractive," but little did they know the dangerous side effects of doing this foolish challenge that would include cuts, swelling, and bruising.

Well, it seems that people simply haven't learned from these mistakes and continue to be more desperate than ever for a cosmetically enhanced pout...

As the erection cream tactic has well and truly taken TikTok by storm... and people are freaked out, to say the least!

Now, this bizarre trend was started by TikToker Jerry Mal.

The social media star decided to post a TikTok video earlier this month showing his "getting ready" routine which is when he introduced his followers to his unusual method of plumping his lips.

The video starts with Jerry smearing a lot of the white cream over his lips...


Which he leaves on to set while he finishes the rest of his routine that involves applying hairspray and a facial mask.

And then, to make things worse...


Jerry seems to take a leaf out of the "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge" book by using a small plastic bottle to suction his lips after the cream had sunk in.


Jerry then finished his look by applying lip gloss...


And winking at the camera with a considerably much fuller pout.

After being bombarded with questions regarding the mystery cream, Jerry posted a follow-up video explaining that it was, in fact, erection cream.

"Basically, I saw a movie where a girl put erection cream all over her lips and it made them really big, so now I'm going to try it," he explained, "It kind of tingles. It's not terrible, but we'll see."

Although it was "burning really bad," Jerry appeared to be impressed with the results and said he "kind of likes it"...

Which lead to so many of his followers to warm toward the idea and go on to try it themselves.

Although many teenagers have been left impressed by the strange tactic...


Medical professionals, on the other hand, haven't.

Dr. Ross Perry GP & Medical Director of Cosmedics said to Metro, "Putting erection cream on your lips in a bid for a fuller pout is utterly ridiculous and can be extremely dangerous for a number of reasons."

"Individuals trying this could suffer an allergic reaction such as stinging, soreness, blisters, and uncomfortable swelling."


​"Other side effects from the absorption of the cream as it goes into the body can create headaches, blood pressure problems, and even possible heart problems," he explained.

"The cream could also flare up cold sores if you're prone to them already."

And for those who are still tempted, regardless of the risks, Dr. Ross warns it's not worth it as "the effects of this even working will only be temporary and last a few hours at best."


Dr. Tunc Tiryaki, a world-renowned aesthetic, facial, and reconstructive plastic surgeon then said, "The healthy and scientifically acceptable way of plumping your lips is using degradable lip fillers, which are made of hyaluronic acid. Reinjection is necessary, but at least if you don't like it, it is reversible."

Is having plumper lips really worth all of this risk?


Just getting ready hehe

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Definitely not!

You can watch Jerry's original video here, but please make sure to not try this at home.