A TikTok detailing the chilling discovery a mechanic made in a woman's car has broken the internet this week.

Keep scrolling to watch the horrifying video...

It's safe to say that TikTok is absolutely taking over the world.

But there's one video that's blowing up for all the wrong reasons.

People are absolutely shocked by the vid.

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And it's not hard to see why ...

Now, TikTok went viral pretty quick ...

It was the world's fourth most downloaded app in 2018, beating Instagram and Snapchat - which is a pretty big achievement!

It has been argued that TikTok is better than Vine...

Who remembers Vine? Launched in 2012, Vine was a short-form video hosting service that allowed users to share 6-second-long looping video clips.

It can now be established that TikTok is just a space for weird and viral videos.

But some people still cannot get their heads around it!

But there's one new TikTok that's taking the internet by storm.

It's truly shocking.

"So a customer is scared there's a tracker in her vehicle from a crazy ex-boyfriend."


Sounds unlikely, right?

But when he checks, he actually finds one.


"What the heck?" he says.

He scans the QR code and finds this ...


The woman's suspicions were totally correct!

Here's the horrifying video.



Believe women!