Woman’s Theory That We Never Really Die Is Freaking People Out

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We all have our own theories about what exactly happens after we cease to exist on Earth. But one TikToker’s wild prediction has shaken the internet this week …

Ever heard of “quantum immortality?”

Us neither – but the theory is super interesting and has been a hot topic on TikTok this week.

The theory is that, instead of dying, we all wake up in a parallel universe with slightly mixed-up memories from our lives before.

“If the quantum immortality theory is correct, you’re just going to wake up in a parallel universe with no memory of the fact that you just survived an apocalyptic event,” Joli Moli said in her viral TikTok.

This theory explains the phenomenon of the “Mandela effect.”

This is the weird situation where people have differing memories of the exact same historical event. It gets its name from a large contingent of the internet that has distinct memories of Nelson Mandela dying in prison.

Here’s the video that got everybody talking.

And it’s safe to say, the internet has had a lot to say about the theory.
“The thought of never being able to actually die is extremely depressing, and it’s giving me a headache,” one commenter wrote.

“Ok, I’m actually kind of freaking out right now coz I’m not the conspiracy type of guy, but you’re like eerily making sense,” another added.

What do you make of this wild theory?