TikTok of a Woman Running 5:25 Mile While 9 Months Pregnant Is Getting a Lot of Attention | 22 Words

A woman has recently gained a lot of attention on Tik Tok after she ran a 5:25 mile while she was 9 months pregnant. The video is simply amazing...

Welcoming a child into the world is an amazing experience.

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The whole thing is magical, and it is something that truly releases the inner warriors in women after a grueling 9 months of waiting.

The labor isn't so magical, however...

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Childbirth is known for being one of the most painful things that the human body can experience.

A combination of intense muscle tightening, abdomen cramps, pain in the torso and pelvic area, back pain, contractions from the uterus...

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And eventually, pushing out a baby, it's certainly no walk in the park.

Labor is different for every woman...

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Despite the fact that labor is pretty much guaranteed to be painful, it varies slightly for every woman.

And not only is it physically exhausting...

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It's also emotionally exhausting.

That's why a lot of women prepare beforehand, to make sure they're ready for the trauma.

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Some see a therapist...

While others start getting themselves in shape...

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Whatever your method to making sure your body is getting what it needs in preparation for the all-important birth, it puts women in the right frame of mind.

However, some take things to the extreme.

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While most people would be too cautious to do things like the "mile run", others are ready to take on the challenge, especially athletes.

And one woman recently gained a lot of attention for her attempt.

This is Makenna Myler.

She's a twenty-eight-year-old trainer from California.

And she has been running a mile 5-6 times a week while pregnant. Yes, even at 9 months!

I mean, I can't even go running twice a week while I'm not pregnant...

Let alone put my body through that kind of pain, but each to their own.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, she explained how she stayed safe while doing so:

"I cut back my mileage a lot and have been a lot slower," she told the outlet. "But I have been very particular with my strength training to make sure my pelvic shift and added weight didn’t/doesn’t cause any injury..."

At the start of her journey, she feared what would happen if she continued with her mile run fitness.

She was completing the run in an average of 7 minutes, which is very impressive considering that a non-competitor usually does it between 9 to 10.

"To keep me motivated, he [her husband] said he would give me $100 if I could break 8 minutes doing the mile at 9 months pregnant," she said.

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But that's not even the best part...

Not only did she absolutely smash that time limit, but she also did it in under 6 minutes!

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And we've got all the evidence.

In a Tik Tok video, her husband was timing each one of her laps...

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And by the second lap, she had reached 2 minutes and forty seconds.

But as she finished the final lap, the time on the clock was 5 minutes and 21 seconds.

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Wow. Just wow. But people had mixed reactions to the achievement, with some saying that the baby could be in danger, but others commending her dedication.

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But what some people don't realize is that she has been advised by 2 doctors.

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"My first doctor was all about it because he had dealt with elite athletes before," she said. "My second doctor asked me to be a bit more cautious because he didn’t understand my background — and that was before any ultrasound. After ultrasounds showed a perfectly healthy baby, he’s been more supportive, but emphasizes the importance of getting enough calories - which, if he knew me better, he would know that’s not a problem)."

So, don't worry about Makenna Myler, she's got this down.

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