This week, young TikTokers are losing their minds after discovering that they can't touch their shoulders with the palms of their hands.

Keep scrolling to see the videos that sparked the fenzy...

I know, another day, another ridiculous TikTok trend.

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Here's the full story...

Now the video-sharing social networking app has boomed in popularity throughout the last year.

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There are over a billion TikTok users scattered across the globe, with over 200 million here in the United States alone.

The app is best known for creating, sharing, and discovering short music videos...

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Most of which are of a comical nature.

But some of these videos can trigger some rather ridiculous fads...

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Such as minor bodily functions.

As stated earlier, TikTokers are freaking out after discovering that they can't touch their shoulders with the palms of their hands.


Well, I for one can do it perfectly fine, but it seems a vast proportion of the TikTok community simply cannot.

And they're not happy about it...


It all started with this video.


TikTok user Lauren Murphy shared the video alongside the caption:

"I just found out you can't touch your palm to your shoulder."

We're talking the same hand to the same shoulder, by the way.


No cheating with the left to right technique, please!

As you can see, Lauren's palm simply wouldn't touch her shoulder, no matter how hard she tried.


And she isn't the only one.

Lauren's video got picked up by another TikToker, Cinda, who showed herself screaming in frustration as she attempted to prove Lauren wrong - which she couldn't.

Can you do it?


#fyp If you can do it let me know!! #fyp #cantdoit #shoulder #hard #foryou

If you can't, maybe pay your doctor a visit...