TikTok Star Gives Girl New Phone but Then Takes It Back After the Camera Stops

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We’ve all been told to not believe everything we see online and this story proves just that! A TikTok star has been slammed for giving a girl a new smartphone and then taking it back once the camera was turned off.

Ukrainian social media star Alexander Voloshin’s cruel move was captured in an unsuspecting video by the little girl mom.

Voloshin originally filmed and posted the video of the touching moment on TikTok and in the video, which has since been deleted, Voloshin films himself walking around a city carrying a new and expensive phone.

Voloshin approaches various different groups and talks to them but does not give them the phone.

Eventually, he goes over to the young girl and her mom. After talking to them, he hands over the phone as a gift to the little girl who is then seen glancing at her mom to see if she is okay to accept the gift while looking very excited about what she had received.

Voloshin’s video ends with the girl accepting the gift and giving him a hug. But, while that might be where Voloshin’s video ends, it is not where their interaction ends.

The girls mom continued filming from her perspective to capture the shocking moment that Voloshin asks for the phone back.

Despite gifting the phone just seconds earlier, Voloshin asks the girl to return the phone but her mom protests.

According to translations of their conversation, the girls mom can be heard saying “no” repeatedly and telling Voloshin that he will make her daughter cry if he takes back the gift. She also tells her daughter to not listen to him.

As the mom keeps protesting, Voloshin threatens to involve the police in the matter while claiming that the phone was just “an accessory for the video.” The TikTok star also tries to snatch back the phone out of the young child’s hand.

As he realises his attempts to get the phone back are not working, Voloshin offers the mom and daughter some money in return. Voloshin offers the pair 2,000 hryvnia, which is equal to around $72, but the mom declines.

The footage filmed by the mom has since been uploaded online with many slamming Voloshin for his actions.

One Reddit user asked, “Wait these people actually exist I thought it was a joke.” While another added,”The sh**ty people record it. The good people don’t record their generosity. They just do it.”

Voloshin tried to defend his actions by insisting that the video and the gifting of the phone was just a prank.

We can’t believe what we have just watched… Can you?