TikTok Star Shoots Wife and her Friend Dead After Hiding Listening Device in Daughter’s iPad

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TikTok star, Ali Abulaban, shot both his wife and her friend, prosecutors have said.

Ali Abulaban, known as @Jinnkid on TikTok, is said to have shot his newly estranged wife Ana Abulaban, and her friend, Rayburn Cadenas Barron after hiding a listening device in their daughter’s iPad.

Abulaban pleaded not guilty to the claims on Monday, the Independent reports.

Prosecutors revealed what happened during an arrangement at the San Diego County Superior Court for Abulaban.

Prosecutors said that Abulaban believed he had caught his wife cheating after he installed a listening device on their daughter’s iPad,

Ana is said to have asked Abulaban to move out of the apartment they shared, but just 3 days, he later snuck in and installed a listening device on their daughter’s iPad, the outlet reports.

Taren Brast, deputy district attorney, said that later in the day Abulaban was listening to the device when he heard a man’s voice and rushed back to the apartment.

They said that Abulaban burst into Ana’s apartment in the Spire San Diego high-rise in East Village, and shot them both.

Brast said Abulaban shot Barron 3 times before shooting Ana once in the forehead.

As per ABC4, Brast reportedly said: “Neighbors had heard the gunshots, witnessed the defendant leaving the apartment. Then he made a phone call to his mother admitting that he shot and killed his wife.”

Following the shooting, Abulaban went to collect his daughter from school while still armed.

The court also heard that Abulaban had a history of domestic violence and that Ana had already filed for a restraining order against him. She was also said to be planning on seeking a divorce.

TooFab reports that Brast said Abulaban confessed to the killing of his wife and her friend while accusing her of cheating.

Despite that, Abulaban pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of murder and special-circumstance allegations of multiple killings.

He was ordered to jail without bail.

Rest in peace to the victims.