TikTok Video Showing 8-Month-Old Baby Being Thrown Into Swimming Pool Sparks a Huge Debate | 22 Words

A video that shows an 8-month-old baby being hurled into a swimming pool has sparked a huge parenting debate this week, leaving the internet truly divided.

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There's no one method to parenting...

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But, no matter what you do, there will always be someone ready to criticize your parenting techniques.

The internet is awash with people waiting for the next parenting blunder to emerge...

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It's almost like they have nothing better to do, isn't it?

In today's modern age, so many parents have come under fire online...

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And, often, it is for the most trivial of reasons.

Whether it be the way someone disciplines their child...

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To what they feed them, there's almost nothing a parent can do right these days.

But the latest parenting blunder is probably the most controversial yet...

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And it has caused the internet to descend into a fierce debate.

Krysta Meyer is the latest mom to face the wrath of the internet.

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The twenty-seven-year-old mom of 2, from Colorado Springs, has recently divided the internet with a video she shared of her 8-month-old baby.

Baby Oliver has recently been having swimming lessons...

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And Krysta decided to share the footage from one of these lessons onto TikTok, where she runs an account dedicated to her life as a mother of 2 boys.

However, instead of people merely smiling and commenting on the video...

Many were shocked and even horrified by the footage from Oliver's swimming lesson.

But others had a different stance on the video.

While one side of the internet were outraged by the video, others didn't see an issue with what they saw.

The video starts like this.

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The swim instructor can be seen standing by the edge of the pool holding baby Oliver under his arms.

Then, she leans forward...

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And drops him into the pool.

Admittedly, it looks like quite an extreme throw.

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In an almost cartoonish fashion, Oliver flies through the air and lands, backwards-facing into the water with a huge splash.

He stays under the water for a few moments...

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And the swim instructor swiftly jumps in to retrieve him.

But, all by himself, he floats to the surface...

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And, visibly unfazed by his experience, he starts paddling through the water on his back.

You can watch the full video here.

Krysta captioned her post, "Oliver amazes me every week! I can’t believe he is barely 2 months in and is catching on so fast. He is a little fish."

Instantly, the internet melted down over the video, which has racked up over 5 million views.

Thousands of people have been expressing their shock over the footage, with many saying that they would never put their own baby through such a "traumatic" experience.

Some have even labelled the teaching method as "dangerous."

One user wrote: "I’ve literally just seen a video of a baby/toddler being thrown into a pool and then take 5+ seconds to resurface. That is not a teaching practice. This should not happen. This is dangerous. In the comments, people are defending this?"

But others have pointed out that, despite how alarming it looks, this is how babies learn how to swim.

Oliver wasn't harmed during this lesson, and the millions of other babies who will learn this way won't be harmed either.

Krysta has since spoken out...

And her treatment has been nothing short of disgraceful. Speaking to Buzzfeed News, she said: "A lot of people are seeing a kid being thrown into the water and thinking, 'that's not good! You shouldn't be doing that. I've gotten death threats.' I've had people tell me I'm the worst kind of mom, that I'm endangering my children, that I'm traumatizing them."

She wants to stress that Oliver was taking part in an infant survival class which gives him the skills to survive if he ever falls into the water.

The swim class in which Oliver attended, Little Fins, said: "The whole premise behind what we do is safety. We teach 8-month-olds to assess their situation and find an exit strategy [in water]. I know it seems crazy." For more on controversial parenting decisions, keep scrolling to read about the mom who defends smoking weed in front of her children...