TikToker Killed by Boyfriend of Over Ten Years Over Argument About Game

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A TikToker has lost his life after his boyfriend strangled him to death over an argument about a game.

Rory Teasley, twenty-eight years old, was a TikToker and comedian.

He was popular for his dancing and comedic videos.

In fact, he was so loved by people that he had over 227.9K followers on the TikTok platform and 65.7k followers on his Instagram.

Docquen Jovo Watkins, thirty-one, was his boyfriend.

And they’d been together for ten years.

His friends and family were devastated by the tragic news.

With 1 of his friends writing a post on Instagram saying: “I’m so lost for words I can’t stop crying. I love you so much. I just need one last video with you. One last phone call. One last reading session. R.I.P gay best friend.”

And in another post, he wrote: “When you lose a close friend, it’s worse than breaking up with someone, Because you lose more than a heart, you lose a little bit of yourself.”

TikToker’s also flooded the comment sections of videos he’d been in with Docquen Jovo Watkins, his boyfriend, who has admitted to choking Teasley until he took his final breath.

“I can’t believe he took you away from us bro,” 1 wrote while another said:
“So this is the dude that killed him smh.”

Others sent their respects, saying: “Rest up Rory.”

The incident occured on January 6th, with deputies saying that they received a 911 call from Watkins admitting he’d been in a fight with his boyfriend.

According to Watkins, Teasley was just “sleeping on the couch” as per TooFab, but when officers got to their apartment, he was unresponsive.

He was taken to the hospital, but not long after, was pronounced dead.

Watkins has been arrested and taken to Oakland County Jail, charged with second-degree-murder.

He strangled him to death because of a game.

The Oakland County Sheriff spoke out on the incident.

“We see far too often across the country these days when people resort to violence over trivial and insignificant disagreements,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said, as per the news outlet.

“There is never a reason where violence is acceptable over a disagreement. Those who do so will be held accountable,” he finished.

In the United States alone, nearly twenty people per minute are physically abused by their partners, as per NCADV.

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And violence toward an intimate partner actually accounts for fifteen percent of all violent crimes.

It is clear that in America, as it is everywhere else in the world, domestic abuse is on the rise.

And in this case, it tragically ended in death for Rory Teasley.

A truly spirited human being who was loved by many.

Rest in peace Rory.