Let me be honest with you.


Boob tape is not something I've ever had to deal with but if there's one thing I've learnt in the past ten minutes, it's that boob tape is the product millions of women across the world are in search of.

So picture the scenery.


There's a growing number of women across the globe who are opting to go braless. Good for them, I say. However for some women, it's not an option, even though they'd like to.

But now there's a product on the market that's helping them make their dreams come true.


Made legendary by TikTok, and over 7,000 reviews on Amazon alone (4,000+ of which are five star), let me introduce you to boob tape.

The reviews are unreal.


The $15 tape comes in a 16-foot roll along with two silicone nipple covers, and shoppers are calling the product a "game-changer."

One reviewer wrote:

Night and day difference on my 34 DDD breasts. I've always avoided backless or strapless dresses, but this is the perfect solution…insane lift and durability. I'd highly suggest this product!!

Another commented:

I am a D cup and I've never been able to wear low cut shirts or backless because I've always had to wear a bra. This stuff is incredible, I've now ordered it like 5+ times because I use it regularly and have so many more options of things to wear. I almost prefer to use the tape over a bra for anything. The reason this stuff is so great is because it sticks so well even through sweat. HIGHLY recommend for bigger boobs it will change your life!

You can find the product on Amazon.



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And for just $14.99 it's an absolute steal.