Tim McGraw Jumps off Stage To Confront Hecklers During Concert

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Country legend Tim McGraw is never one to mince his words – but his response to hecklers at a recent concert might be his most outspoken move yet…

With 10 albums hitting the number 1 spot in the country music charts, there’s no denying Tim McGraw’s musical chops.

With over eighty million records sold, McGraw is cemented as one of the bestselling artists of all time.

But in spite of his undeniable success, McGraw is not immune to fan backlash.

This week, at a concert at the Nugget Event Center in Reno, Nevada, McGraw appeared to forget the words to “Just to See You Smile.”

Fans were not happy and immediately began booing the star.

But McGraw was not someone to take this lying down.

The singer actually jumped down from the stage into the crowd, getting into the faces of the offending concert attendees and putting his concert firmly on pause.

He asked the crowd what their problem was, before getting down amongst them to tackle the hecklers head on.

Then things went from bad to worse.

As Tim was confronting the fans who had booed him, other fans then began to lose their rag, too – wanting McGraw to quit picking fights, and stick to the task in hand: performing a concert.

You can watch the controversial scene right here …

“He has some issues. Very petty and unprofessional behavior. He’s supposed to be a performer, should’ve been able to tune it out and get on with the show – he was already having trouble getting through it, that just made it worse. The ridiculous amount of money people pay for those seats not only pays his salary but his band and road crews as well,” a commenter wrote.

What do you make of the fight?