‘Time Traveler From 3036’ Makes Chilling Warning About Life in Future

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A time traveler who apparently comes from the year 3036 has come back to share his chilling warning of the future on Planet Earth.

TikToker ᄂIVΣ YӨЦЯ ᄂIΣ has spoken out about his life in the future and has warned his followers about what’s to come – even saying they are “as free as they will ever be” right now.

In a sixteen-part series posted to his channel, the time traveler claims the world is going to be thrust into extreme chaos due to something called the “big blackout.”

“You’re as free as you’re ever gonna get, right now,” he claimed.

“These are considered the last days of freedom, your kids won’t even see it, so suck it up, because as simple-minded as your time period is, you got it pretty good, you just don’t know it.”

According to him, the future population of earth will reach “just over 2 billion people” – a decrease of over 5 billion – the cause of which being 5G, air pollution, and “the big blackout.”

After a short pause and a deep breath, he explains: “The big blackout, if I’m not mistaken, happens in December 2052.

“Basically, everything goes dark for upwards of 5 years, the internet, the power, it all gets disconnected, on account of what’s called ‘the terrors,’ but many speculate otherwise. Anyway, 5 years, it’s turmoil, riots, you name it, it’s pretty much the worst of times.”

“It takes them upwards to 20 years to get the power back online, and even then it’s absolute chaos. Believe it or not, our zoo consists of animals like dogs and cats, rabbits, squirrels – these are considered exotic animals,” he said.

“All of the larger species, like lions and tigers, cat species, the larger ones, elephants, they’re all gone. The larger species no longer exist.”

He also mentioned that renewable energy will be at the forefront of all energy corporations in the future, presumably due to the “big blackout.”

“We’ve got large areas, hundreds of miles, thousands of miles, all designated to wind turbines, reflective mirrors, and solar panels. It’s one of the few remaining jobs left for residents, but it’s also the most dangerous.”

Despite his somber warning, some TikTok users just weren’t buying his story…

One commenter wrote: “I can tell he’s lying. He’s making things up based on present and past events and some of the things he mentioned are so far into the future.”

Another wrote: “I don’t believe it, why is he in our time ??? Now the government wants us to believe this for a reason !! Question is what is the reason ???”

A third commented: “Even though I don’t believe a word of it, it’s still frightening.”

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