19 Tragic Beauty Fails You Have to See to Believe

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Makeup is hard!

It’s complicated and a lot can go wrong.

These 19 people tried to take some time for self-care.

They tried to make themselves beautiful on the outside to match what’s inside! They experimented with makeup or tried to exfoliate their skin, and needless to say, it did not go according to plan. For any of them.

Highlighter gone wrong

Yeah… I think this is plenty of highlighter. This is what happens when you let a little kid do your makeup.

Face mask disaster

So this is a lesson in not combining mask products willy-nilly. Sometimes they stick to your skin, and you end up covered in charcoal and can’t leave your house for days.

Glue them lashes

What do you even do in this situation!?! Kids and makeup do not mix.

Mini mask

Yeah, I don’t think this is what she thought she was buying when she ordered it. What is this, a face mask for dolls?! The next one is hilariously terrible.

Stained face

I guess some charcoal face masks can stain your face. Lesson extremely learned.

Just a little on the cheek

This guy didn’t quite clean his clay mask totally off his face, and then he went to the store like that. Occupational hazard.

Mascara blues

This is what happens when you wear mascara while you’re chopping onions. It’s not pretty.

The lipstick maven

When kids get ahold of their parents’ makeup, it’s always hilarious. For us. Not for the parents who have to spend hours cleaning lipstick off their kids’ hands.

Face mask from Hell

Either this is a face mask specifically made to fit the face of Sloth from The Goonies, or something is really really wrong. The next one is relatable for anyone who’s unsuccessfully tried contouring.

Contouring nightmare

Call me crazy, but I think contouring is supposed to look natural and not like someone massaged your face so hard you bruised everywhere.

What is it?!

This dad found his daughter’s eyelash glue in the bathroom and thought it was some sort of illegal substance. Oh, dads.

Long eyelashes

Oh, honey. Oh honey no. I don’t even usually wear makeup, and I know how wrong this is.

Fake eyelashes

What’s worse, drawing eyelash extensions onto your eyelids or wearing fake eyelashes that just lie straight across your eyes?

The unibrow

Newsflash: Unibrows are in! Especially unibrows that kids draw across their faces with their parents’ contour sticks. The next one shows what happens when bubble clay masks don’t live up to the hype.


This was supposed to be a bubble clay mask, but it’s more like a chunky clay mask, and all I have to say about that is no thank you.

Cat eyes

Look, cat eyes are really hard to achieve. This girl perfectly displays just how difficult they are.

In the blink of an eye

Have you ever spent a bunch of time on a full face of makeup only to blink and ruin and the whole thing? It’s the worst.

Exercising in makeup

This is what you look like after taking a spin class while wearing a full face of makeup. Not worth it!

Palette ruined

Not only is this woman’s whole contour palette ruined, but her daughter ate it. This kid took makeup fails to a whole new level. Share this with someone who will understand the pain!