31 Times People Said Stupid Things Online They Wish They Could Take Back | 22 Words

For better or worse, pretty much everyone from your friends to your parents are on Facebook. And while you might unfollow some of them for their stupid posts, there are others who instead craft the most absolutely perfect response that you can't help but "like."

In other words, the comebacks will make you come back again for more.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Too bad Facebook doesn't have spellcheck. Then again, we would miss out on all of this fun.


Well, nobody's perfect.

A Beautiful Thing

We are all so very grateful.

Just Browsing


Teacher's Pet

You might think you're smarter than the teacher, but you would be thinking wrong.

What a Weenie

Maybe he really did mean what he said and simply has no shame...or much of anything else.

The Little Things

At least he was a good sport about it.

Food for Thought

Point goes to pizza!

Daddy Issues

Commas are very important, especially if you're passive-aggressively calling out your absent parent, apparently.

Buy a Vowel

Don't waste your breath with this one. It's best to just move on.

Hail, Hail!

I don't think they know how that taxi thing works.

True Love

Make a snarky statement, get a snarky reply.

Coming Right Up

And the winner is...Shann!

Sibling Rivalry

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Mommy Dearest

Great. Even mom's turning on him now.


You might want to look into a different profession.

That Escalated Quickly

That sounds like something one should discuss in therapy.


Well, faith comes in all forms.

Bottom's Up

And with just one or two shots, so can you!

Grammar Matters

Maybe you should take some better notes when at school...unless you're into some really weird crap — literally.

Game On

Someone put a lot of thought into that one. Totally worth it.

Just Browsing

Please don't look in the folder titled, "Tax information." It's never tax information.

New York, New York

That's okay. Geography is hard.

Mapping It Out

Just a friendly suggestion.

A Low Note

Or they just like posing with instruments, but I would go with the former.

Shake It Off

Look for that on her next album. We're never, ever getting back together...

Go Guac!

That would most certainly change the world, or at least the avocado population.

Roid Rage

There's a reason he's the boyfriend. Size doesn't always matter.


And if it lasts more than four hours, be sure to call your doctor.

Family Ties

They really are just the best.