19 Times Manicurists Totally Nailed Disney Nail Art | 22 Words

Disney is the most magical place on Earth.

But have you thought about having that most magical place with you at all times?

Now you can with amazing Disney nail art!

It's a no-brainer. These nail artists are actual artists, and these manicures are so envy-worthy and so magical that you won't even know what to do with yourself.

This Toy Story tribute

It's Woody and Buzz and Andy's signature and that weird little alien thing! This is actually too cute for words.

Aladdin's world

The portraits of Abu, the Genie, and Rajah are scarily accurate. But the most impressive thing may be that marble pattern on the pinky!

The 100 Acre Wood Friends

I cannot get over how adorable these are!!! This would be my Disney manicure, for sure.

Bambi and his buds

Speaking of cute, this tribute to one of the most tragic and most lovely Disney movies is second to none. The next one is super clever...

These princess dresses

Can you identify each of the princesses? Starting with the thumb, we have Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle!

Monsters, Inc. forever!

Monsters, Inc. is a totally classic, totally underrated Disney movie and I am here for this manicure. Love it.

Balloons everywhere

That iconic Disney D and those legendary Mickey Mouse balloons make for the perfect Disney manicure, especially if you are about to visit one of the parks!

Portrait prints

Are these not the cutest little portraits of your favorite classic Disney characters?! A true artist is responsible for these!

Eric and Ariel

One of the most romantic and classic moments in Disney movie history captured perfectly in nail art! Who'd have thought? The next one is similarly detailed...

The Lion King rides again

Sassy Simba and super cool patterns make this one of the coolest manicures on the list. Man, this is a great movie.

The Evil Queen

Get icy with this villainous manicure. How bedazzled and bejeweled and just plain cool can one nail job get?!

Eeyore forever

No lie: Eeyore might be my favorite Disney character. I identify with him more than any of the princesses. This is my favorite.

Classic Minnie

A French manicure with a Minnie twist! Love it so much!

The best of the best

These are some of the most iconic, recognizable Disney images in the whole world! What a fun idea. The next one is a little trippy...

I'm late, I'm late!

This fancy manicure depicts some of the classic scenes from Alice in Wonderland, one of the trippiest Disney movies by a long shot. Its imagery is totally one-of-a-kind.

The minimalist approach

How cute is this manicure! This would totally be in my wheelhouse. Love that pale pink!

Sparkles for days

What is Disney if not magic? And what is magic if not sparkles? Hence, a bunch of sparkles and dazzling gold!

Minnie forever

This would be the perfect paint job for Valentine's Day spent at Disney. There is no love like the mouses'.

Stitch me upd

Stitch is one adorable alien dog thing and this cute manicure proves it! Share this with someone who'd do a Disney-themed nail-painting party with you!