35 of the Most Mom Things That Have Ever Happened | 22 Words

Dads get a lot of attention for their corny dad jokes and sense of humor, but moms can give them a pretty good run for their money...

Say "cheese!"

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She knows a good picture when she takes it. Here kitty, kitty...

Not to mention the perfect pun.

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I love ewe. Don't be sheepish about it.


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She's loving it. Dinner is served!

Who wears the pants in the family?

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No. But maybe he did "lose" a pair of pants.


Cruel? Yes. Effective? Most certainly.

Can you hear me now?

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Expect a follow-up email. And then a text about the email.

She committed.

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The key to a good joke? Timing.


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Don't worry. She's fine.

Ask and you shall receive!

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Maybe next time be more specific. Then again, chocolate is a pretty good gift.

Get ready for therapy.

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TMI, Mom. TMI.

You know what they say...

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Invention — or improvisation — is the mother of necessity. Bust out the power tools!

Hey, she's trying.

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Actually, she probably does know what that means. Mom has a randy side.

Hold my spot.

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When you ask your mom for a cool bookmark, you get a cool bookmark. Of your mom.

Always playing the matchmaker.

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Clean. Single. Looking for a mate. What more could ask for?

Well, nobody's perfect.

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And if you have to be left somewhere, Walmart probably wouldn't be your first choice. Mom owes you one.

What the fork?

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What do you do? You make the obvious pun.

It's not a competition.

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You will eat it and you will like it. It's better than the alternative.

Locked and loaded.

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She's armed and ready for battle. Catch her if you can!

She's up on technology.

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Actually, that's a pretty good one. Very memeingful, indeed.

Not a Belieber.

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Is it too late now to say, "Sorry?" Yes, yes it is.

This mom can relate.

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At least she left him alternative methods. But still...ewww.

This could totally catch on!

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It makes just about as much sense as all the other acronyms out there. SMH, TBH but LOL.

Fully protected.

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You won't cry cutting onions if you wear swim goggles. You might look funny, but you won't cry.

One must be clear with their instructions.

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At least it's a delicious decapitation. They probably won't feel a thing.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid...

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Of what? Probably of having to go to a meeting.

Bottom's up!

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Talk about light beer. It really just goes right through you.

They don't even take the day off for holidays.

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And it's the real Cinco de Mayo. Not of that Miracle Whip stuff.

She's always there with good advice.

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Send in the clowns! Actually, don't. Clowns are kind of creepy.

She has a few demands.

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Now maybe if you get that room clean, you'll find a dollar under that pillow. That's one way to get things done around there.

It has its perks.

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Venti clever, Mom. Venti, venti clever.

Well, that's crappy.

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That would give a whole new meaning to chocolate chip cookies. Glad that confusion is cleared up.

An appetite for affection?

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One can not live on love alone, mom. Could you throw in a granola bar?

Point to mom.

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It's called "mom multitasking." Go for the high score!

The more you know...

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I'm sure they appreciated that. Or at least they will when they have their own kids.

Now that's a strong signal.

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If you want to play, you have to pay! Rules are rules, my friends.