19 Regular People Who Ran into Their Real Life Doppelgängers

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There are roughly 7.6 billion people living in the world today.

Chances are, some people are going to look very, very similar to others. There are only so many different ways to arrange a human body, after all.

Have you ever met someone who looks exactly like you?

I imagine it’s probably quite the shock. And a little freaky. And sort of exciting. Here are some people who randomly ran into their own doppelgängers! Get ready to see double.

These two were seated next to each other on a plane!

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They had never met before and they weren’t related. Isn’t that wild?!

Like looking in a mirror!

If you ever cross paths with your own doppelgänger, please be sure to post about it on the Internet so the rest of us can be shocked and amazed.

All in one class.

via Reddit

Either there are triplets enrolled in this keyboarding class, or we have ourselves a glitch in the matrix. I’m kinda hoping for the former.

It’s like that movie Sliding Doors.

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Maybe this is just three pairs of people who happened to dress alike and eat at the same restaurant at the exact same time. Or maybe we’re glimpsing multiple timelines. This next one is amazing…

Twins on the bus!

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Maybe they’re dreaming about each other’s lives, but they just don’t know it. I know. Mindblowing stuff, right?

Double doppelgängers!

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I don’t know how the pair on the right could possibly be sleeping through this situation. It’s incredible!

Target twins!

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These men don’t know each other. They’ve never met before. But something brought them to this specific Target at this specific time. It feels like the beginning of a movie, doesn’t it?

Party of nine?

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Is this a picture of nine different people or an impressive Photoshop job of one woman sitting in nine different positions? The world may never know.

Sleeping (again).

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What is it with all of these lookalikes falling asleep next to one another? Maybe they’re so overwhelmed by finding someone who looks like them that they have no choice but to fall asleep. This next one is a doozy!

Brothers and property brothers.

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That’s right, even people who already look exactly alike can meet new people who also look exactly like them. Whoever was in charge of making people must have liked this particular design quite a bit.

These two met at IKEA.

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When I go to IKEA, I plan to buy mid-range furniture that will take me a couple of hours to assemble. I certainly don’t expect to meet my long-lost identical twin.

An unexpected surprise!

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OK, so this kid didn’t technically meet his doppelgänger. But come on. The similarities are uncanny.

These two met at a party.

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I know what you’re thinking, and no. It wasn’t a “meet your lookalike” party.

These two guys attended the same college!

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They kept getting mistaken for each other. Think they ever tried to switch classes for a fun prank? This next one proves that sometimes, your doppelgänger can be found where you’d least expect them.

It’s art!

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Imagine walking around downtown and suddenly coming across a work of art that featured you! I’d definitely take a picture. I’d also take a second to freak out and wonder if I’m being followed by artists.

Have you ever noticed this one before?

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As it turns out, Will Ferrell looks exactly like Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Or maybe they’re the same person just switching places very quickly.

Fancy a trip to the bookstore?

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They’re both at the same bookstore. In the same section of the bookstore. Wearing the same outfit. Coincidence? Couldn’t be.

Time for a snack!

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Once again, this is either a picture of two different women who look exactly alike… Or, it’s a picture of one woman who is so hungry that she’s ordering food from two places at the same time.

Beard? Check.

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Gray tank top? Check. Yep, it’s official. We’ve got ourselves a true doppelgänger here, folks. Share this with someone who will be amazed by these coincidences!