15 Tinder Hits and Misses That Prove The Dating Struggle is Real

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If you’re still sailing the single seas, these Tinder hits and misses will remind you that you’re not alone. You’re not doing it wrong.

And no, you don’t have a sign on your head that says “please woo me with your worst pickup line and then proceed to show me what a douche bag you are until I eventually must yet again swipe left only to face douchebaggery yet another day.” But don’t jump ship just yet; there are plenty of fish in the sea and you’re sure to catch a keeper one of these days.

And if you’ve officially docked ship and are now a fish out of water in the dating scene, these Tinder interactions are sure to provide you with profound gratitude by reminding you that you no longer must navigate the unpredictable tides of the dating pool.

Alas, you are free to laugh with abandon as you watch others get tossed around, knocked on their asses, and come up for air only to be immediately pummeled by yet another salty blow. You’ve sailed your share of rough waters and can now sit back, dig your toes in the sand, and enjoy the view.


Whether these pickup lines are brilliant masterpieces or epic failures is strangely debatable and ultimately depends on what floats your boat. Some might see nothing but smooth sailing in these pickup lines, while others will surely cringe at dating’s murky and stagnating conditions. Either way, you’ll have a whale of a time dipping your toes into these Tinder conversations.  

These two managed to spice up their dorky dialogue. I’d say these two might just have real Chemistry.

Well… If it’s in the name of academics.

We see where this is going. It begins with witty texting and before you know it you’ll be embarrassing your children with your incessant back and forth quips. It’s all puns and games until someone gets pregnant.

Yet, these two clearly deserve one another and a lifetime of corny cliches to entertain them.

You don’t need this girl to tell you she’s relationship material. Take it from her brother, if you like your bacon crispy, she’s the one for you.

Either way, this frisky female just got shut down big time. Next time, try toning it down a bit and not giving the goods away so easily.

There’s something to be said for subtlety here. Maybe next time, take it down a notch and engage in a little friendly conversation about, I don’t know, maybe politics. Pretty sure this guy is into that.

I’ll give this guy points for creativity, as it seems that his lady friend is game.

Whether or not he’ll score remains to be seen. But he’s got his head in the game and his Tinder date seems like a good sport. You never know, these two could take home the gold.

Yet, we recommend getting a brief history lesson before you debut those vocals. Ditching class may seem like a good idea right now, but good luck passing finals.  

Yet something tells me that academics aren’t really their priority. Their relationship may fail, but she’ll always have her singing career to pursue.

Chances are these two will be arguing about who’s taking out the trash in no time. And they share more than a distaste for taking out the trash; clearly, they share a passion for excessive emoji use. They’re truly meant to be.

She might be better off asking this dude for his Tinder coach’s number. We know he’s smooth and apparently he has more money than this guy.

This girl knows how to get down to brass tacks. We’ve got to hand it to her for cutting straight to the chase.

Although, her Tinder candidate is less than enthused with the interview and quite frankly does not appear to be interested in the boyfriend position she’s looking to fill. I have a feeling she is still accepting applications.

Well, at least he is putting it all out there from the get-go so we can gain a headstart running for the hills.

Just when you thought chivalry was dead, this guy’s Tinder bio proves that it is. On the bright side, these other guys are starting to look not so bad.

This guy gave it his best shot but she was just not having it. Maybe she needs to get off her high horse and get a sense of humor.  

Oh well, get back up on that horse and try, try again.

Conny was not amused with her Tinder suitor’s repartee. In fact, she had nothing to say about it.  

You know that whole “when keeping it real goes wrong” skit… Yeah, well, just so ya know, keeping it fake can go wrong too. Very wrong. Very, very wrong.  

Amanda’s profile is so boss that I’m kind of considering creating a Tinder account to make her my bestie.    

Look, this girl is clearly having a rough time so let’s give her a break. And some tissue. Can somebody please get this girl a damn tissue!

For God’s sake woman, get yourself together. While we can’t see past the snot, we’re sure that this is not your best look. We know it’s hard out there, but this is no way to land a date. Love is a battlefield and internet dating sites are the front lines of battle. If you’re single and searching for love, you will see that on your left, right, in front of and behind you, you are fighting for love amongst an army of fellow hopeless romantics, who also have no idea what they are doing.