Tiny Squirrels That Look Like Pokémon Can Only Be Found on Remote Japanese Islands | 22 Words

If there's one thing we can agree on, it's the fact that small animals are the cutest. We've compiled a list of some of the cutest "smol" animals, including the Japanese squirrels that have been stealing people's hearts recently.

Happy scrolling!

30. Smol Cat.

29. Smol Kitty.

28. Smol Rabbit.

27. Smol Cheetah.

26. Smol Pig.

25. Smol Hedgehog.

24. Smol Bat.

23. Smol Duck.

22. Smol Turtle.

21. Smol Puppy.

20. Smol Bulldog.

19. Smol Bunny.

18. Smol Bird.

17. Smol Bear.

16. Smol Kitten.

15. Smol Chicks.

14. Smol Squirrel.

13. Smol Rabbit.

12. Smol Cat.

11. Smol Dog.

10. Smol Hummingbird.

9. Smol Puppy.

8. Smol Hamster.

7. Smol Fox.

6. Smol Mouse.

5. Smol Duckling.

4. Smol Pup.

3. Smol Kitty.

2. Smol Otter.

1. Smol Japanese Dwarf Squirrel.

Honestly though, how cute are they?

They're so adorable that I had no choice but to include triple the pictures of them.

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