You don't know how special redheads are! Not only are they gorgeous, and not only do they make the world brighter, but they are incredibly rare. Rarer than you probably know. And that is why we're celebrating them!

Luckily, today is the day to celebrate all the redheads you know! So go up to the rooftop of whatever building you are standing in, and shout it! Shout your love for gingers! November 5 is the day to celebrate all the redheaded people you know.

But it's not only a day to love the gingers in your life. Today is National Love Your Red Hair Day, a day for people with red hair to love on themselves. People with red hair have historically encountered a good deal of bullying for being different. But we all know that being different is really a gift. According to the Independent, National Love Your Red Hair Day is "designed to empower men and women with red hair to feel confident and embrace their hair color, natural or not."

We all know there are some hot gingers out there (like Jessica Chastain), but having red hair isn't always easy.

National Love Your Red Hair Day was started in 2015 by Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, two ginger sisters who also co-founded the How to be a Redhead website.

Adrienne and Stephanie noticed that despite the positive representation of redheads in movies and on TV, there was a rise in hateful rhetoric when it came to people with red hair in everyday life.

They wanted to spread a positive message of love instead, so they proposed National Love Your Red Hair Day, and the registrar at National Day Calendar declared that it would be celebrated every year on November 5!

Yes, National Love Your Red Hair Day is aimed specifically at people with ginger locks.

But it's also a reminder for everyone to love the things about you that make you unique. And people with red hair are unique. Less than two percent of the world's population has red hair, which means it is super rare.

It's a recessive gene and comes from a genetic mutation, which means that both parents need to carry the gene for it to show up.

And even if both parents carry the gene, their child only has a 25 percent chance of having red hair. That is why having ginger locks is so extra special! But that's not all.

Studies have shown that natural redheads also retain some other fascinatingly unique qualities.

Redheads have higher pain tolerances than blondes or brunettes, they also react to changes in temperature more dramatically, and they need less vitamin D than the rest of us. So that pretty much says it all: Redheads deserve to be celebrated! Luckily, today's the day to do it. Share this with a ginger-haired friend to celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day today!