Toddler Accidentally Kills Mom After Finding a Loaded Gun in Apartment

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A toddler accidentally shot and killed his mother while she was on a video call with work after he found a handgun in their apartment.

The devastating news was retold by a colleague of twenty-one-year-old Shamaya Lynn, who was talking to her at the time of the incident. She heard a loud bang before seeing the woman fall back and fail to get back on camera.

She immediately dialed 911 and told emergency services that she believed Lynn had been shot.

Detectives later reported that the pistol that belonged to his father was kept in the home fully loaded and unlocked, which is how Lynn’s child got hold of it. The toddler then fatally shot his mother in the head at their home in Altamonte Springs in Orlando.

“Officers and paramedics did their best in rendering aid to Lynn, but she was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head,” police said. Police also disclosed that another toddler was also home at the time, but neither of the children was injured.

People have shared their sympathies for the mom and concern for the current state of firearm deaths here in the U.S…

One Facebook user wrote: “This is so sad, and it’s not even the toddler’s fault. That’s why I don’t want any guns around me. Too many incidents like this, where a family member is accidentally killed or injured with a bullet.”

Another commented: “Great… Average daily life in ‘Murica. How many more of these are we gonna see? An older brother accidentally killed his younger brother, a younger brother accidentally killed his older brother, a kid dies after taking a bullet for his mom from the father, and now a child ACCIDENTALLY killed his mother… With a gun, an actual gun.”

However, one man shared his majorly inappropriate and insensitive opinion on the American gun system and urged non-Americans not to comment…

He wrote: “If you don’t live here then don’t comment. We Americans will never give up our guns. Criminals would never turn theirs in. Australia’s violent crime went up by over thirty percent when they gave theirs up. It’s too bad the mom died. RESPONSIBLE gun owners would never leave a loaded firearm where a child can find it. That’s just stupid and people like that don’t represent the majority.”

An investigation into the owner of the firearm is still ongoing and officials have yet to decide whether he will face any criminal charges.

“If you own a firearm, please keep it locked and secured,” patrol officer Roberto Ruiz Jr said. “Incidents like this could be avoided.”

“You can just imagine it’s a terrible tragedy for any family to face, one that has devastated her entire family and our community,” Ruiz told WKMG.

According to gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety, just last year, there were roughly 369 unintentional shootings by children in the U.S., including 142 fatalities.

Rest in Peace, Shamaya.