Toddler Dies in Hot Car After Dad Refused To Let Cops Break Window

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A toddler has died in a hot car after her dad refused to let the cops break his window.

This is both tragic and infuriating…

Well, the same applies to human beings!

Especially for young children.

And every year in the United States, an average of thirty-seven children die after being left in hot cars, according to researchers of a new study, published online in the journal Temperature.

But more than often, they could have easily been prevented.

Well, the father’s reaction to his toddler being trapped in a hot car was utterly sickening.

Twenty-seven-year-old Sidney Deal somehow managed to trap his 1-year-old daughter, Sayah, in his car on a very hot day in Las Vegas.

We all know how hot it can get in Nevada…

So we can only imagine how hot the inside of Sidney’s car must have been on that day.

And when he called for help from local police officers, he insisted to them that the “air conditioning was on” so his daughter was “fine.”

But Sidney refused any of these offers, insisting that he didn’t have enough money to deal with these solutions.

But when his brother arrived and offered to break the window, Sidney refused again… all while his 1-year-old daughter was stuck in the boiling hot car.

But he told her to hang up when he didn’t agree with the price quoted for a tow truck, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

They smashed into the window and pulled out the little girl, who was tragically pronounced dead almost immediately.

And people have been left furious over the dad’s reaction to his baby girl being trapped in a hot car.

And his bond has been set at $20,000.

And a vigil was held for Sayah, whose life was “taken too soon.”

Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to her family during this terrible time.   Make sure to stay posted for further details on this developing story.