Toddler Found Dead in 1963 Finally Has Name and Story Discovered

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A toddler, whose identity has been unknown for over sixty years, has finally been identified.

This all comes down to modern genetic genealogy. Thanks to the new technology, the toddler has finally been given a name…

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The body, found in Oregon in the 1960s, has shrouded Jackson County in mystery for decades… until now.

Back on July 11, 1963, a fisherman was working along the Keene County Reservoir, when he came across the body of a small boy.

The decomposed body was apparently fully dressed and bundled up in a blanket, which had weights placed inside, presumably to sink the body.

It wasn’t until 2009 that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children tried to get more information on his death…

By creating a computer-generated image of what the boy may have looked like, in an attempt to get people to come forward.

The boys DNA was also shared to the FBI’s CODIS system to see if it matched any missing persons case. Sadly, with no luck.

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After years of nothing but blanks in the mystery, genetic genealogist CeCe Moore decided to submit the boy’s DNA for testing.

This is what led to a breakthrough in the case.

Moore was able to find the close relatives of the boy by narrowing down his family tree, which helped them identify a possible brother.

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The man, later found to be the boy’s half-brother, told investigators he had a younger brother called Stevie, who had disabilities, that “mysteriously vanished from the family with little explanation,” police stated last week.

Thanks to this information, police finally found the boy’s name…

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Steven Alexander Crawford, born on October 2, 1960. Known to his siblings as Stevie Crawford.

“This disabled little boy was loved and missed by his siblings, and deserved to have a name and identity. Stevie’s case was a very emotional one for all of the investigators involved,” Moore told ABC News.

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“Once the genetic genealogy research led to his family, the fact that his surviving family has been very loving and willing to assist has been a great comfort.”

Stevie’s mother, who was his sole carer, has reportedly died…

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And his father, who was found to have been living in California when the news of the boy’s death was released, is also dead.

While no one will ever truly know what happened to Stevie…

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Investigators have said the manner of his death is highly suspicious.

Police have shared that Stevie’s disability was likely Down’s Syndrome…

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And have somewhat blamed the lack of medical understanding behind the condition to be what caused his death.

No charges have been or will be made, according to Sheriff’s officials.