Olympic Chief Refuses Quit After Saying Women Talk Too Much | 22 Words

Yoshiro Mori, the president of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, has refused to resign from his post following a surge of anger caused by his degrading comments about women...

And of course, this has ignited even more anger.


​Will Mori ever own up and take responsibility for his harsh words?

Now, sexism has been rife for decades...

And although feminism and gender equality are now more prominent than ever, sexism still sadly exists.

Women are generally the main targets of sexism.


We're not for one minute suggesting that men don't experience sexism (because they do!), but a small minority of individuals continue to generalize and degrade women... all because of their gender.

Sexism shouldn't exist today in 2021...


But thanks to old fashioned ideologies and "traditional values," it sadly continues to cause offence and upset.

And this brings us to today's story.


The president of the Tokyo Olympics, Yoshiro Mori, made some very ignorant remarks at a meeting of the Japan Olympic Committee on Wednesday this week.

Now, the former prime minister of Japan is no stranger to making demeaning remarks...


For instance, during the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Mori singled out the popular figure skater Mao Asada for criticism after she failed to execute a triple axel during her short program.

"That girl, she's always falling at critical moments," he said.

Mori has, predictably, caused a lot of anger with his words in the past...


And now, people are demanding for him to step down from his role as the Olympic chief due to his most recent comments.

So, what exactly did he say?


Speaking at an online JOC meeting about proposals to increase the number of female directors, Mori said that in his experience at the Japan Rugby Football Union, women made meetings "last too long."

To be precise, he said:


"It takes twice as long. Women have a strong sense of rivalry. If one raises her hand to speak then all the others feel they have to do the same. So it ends up with everybody talking," Mori said, as per the Asahi newspaper.

The eighty-three-year-old added:


"If I say too much, the newspapers are going to write that I said bad things, but I heard somebody say that if we are to increase the number of female board members, we have to regulate speaking time to some extent, or else we'll never be able to finish. I am not going to say who said that.

"We have about 7 women at the organizing committee but everyone understands their place," he then said.

Following the anger and the Twitter trend, "Mori please resign," the Olympic chief arranged a press conference today to apologize for his actions.

A "deeply remorseful" Mori acknowledged that his comments had been "inappropriate" and ran counter to the Olympic spirit.

But he then announced he has no plans to step down from his position as the head of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics organizing comittee.


"I am not thinking of resigning. I have been working hard and devoted myself to helping [the Tokyo Olympics] for seven years. I will not be stepping down."

Asked why he had claimed that women talked too much at board meetings, he replied, "I don't talk to women that much these days, so I don't know."

According to The Guardian, accounts by Japanese media present at the online JOC meeting said several attendees laughed, but his comments were condemned by female politicians and sports administrators.

Kaori Yamaguchi, a JOC director who has campaigned to raise the number of women in Japanese sports administration, accused Mori of undermining the Tokyo Games' message.


​"Gender equality and consideration for people with disabilities were supposed to be a given for the Tokyo Games," she said, according to the Kyodo news agency.

"It is unfortunate to see the president of the organizing committee make a remark like that."

Who knows if Mori will learn a lesson from this major mistake...


And let's hope he won't make comments like these again!