Last night the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards took place in Los Angeles, California, celebrating some of the best of what the film industry has to offer. With a panel of 160,000 voting members, the ceremony is always one to watch as the results are hard to predict.

And this year was no different, winners ranged from newcomers, all the way to movie veterans.

But one moment eclipsed all the others - for all the wrong reasons.

Last night saw the premiere of the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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The coveted award show is one of the most respected industry awards as it showcases the best of what the big-screen and out TV screens have to offer.

And with such a large voting organization, it becomes hard to predict who will come out on top.

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160,000 active voting members will decide from a bunch of nominees, who steals that all-important top spot.

However, there are always frontrunners in every race.

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And this year was no different. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood to Fleabag to The Crown, it seems as if these 3 in particular have got both film and television covered.

But like we said before, anything could happen on the night.

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And besides one little surprise, the other categories played out as one would expect. There was a good mix of newbies as well as veterans in the nominations, but in the end, the veterans reigned supreme. Keep scrolling to find out all the results.

First up, we have the TV awards:

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Emmy and Golden Globe winner Fleabag only won one of its awards - Female Comedy Actor - for Phoebe Waller-Bridge despite being nominated for 3.

And it didn't go exactly to plan for The Crown either.

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Both Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham Carter were nominated in the Female Drama Actor category, but both lost the award to Jennifer Aniston and her role in The Morning Show.

But the biggest shocker came from the film section, especially Parasite.

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Parasite won the award for Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Motion Picture, stealing the top spot from the all-star cast of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Who knew Bong Joon Ho’s creepy thriller would take that one?

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I know I said that the SAG awards were hard to predict, but we were all sure that OUATIH was a shoo-in for that one.

And then 1917 won the Producers Guild Award.

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Between those 2 big upsets, the stakes for the Best Picture Oscar has increased dramatically.

And then, we have the rest of the film awards:

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Laura Dern (Marriage Story) and Brad Pitt (Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) took the awards for Best Supporting Actor and Actress. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but well-deserved nonetheless.

And then we moved onto the big ones:

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Deserving champions Renee Zellweger (for Judy) and Joaquin Phoenix (for Joker) took the top spots for Best Actor and Best Actress.No shockers there.

However, it was an iconic win for Zellweger.

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She became the first woman in history to win 3 SAG awards for film.

But Joaquin Phoenix stole the show with his acceptance speech.

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Sunday night saw Joaquin Pheonix pick up yet another award for his soon-to-be-legendary role in 2019's Joker. It seems to have become a reoccurring theme for the actor, but hey, we're not complaining.

He used his acceptance speech to pay homage to late actor Heath Ledger.

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Shortly before his death in 2008, Ledger starred as the Joker in The Dark Knight and gave us possibly one of the most iconic versions of the character we have ever seen.

So this touching tribute really hit home for Joker fans everywhere.

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Phoenix also referred to his fellow nominees saying: "There would always be two other guys that I was up against and we’d always lose to this one kid… every casting director would always whisper, ‘It’s Leonardo,’" he said, making the audience laugh. "You’ve been an inspiration for over twenty-five years to me and so many people."

He then turned to Christian Bale saying:

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"It’s infuriating. I wish you would just suck once," Phoenix almost begged him to turn in at least one terrible performance.

And then Adam Driver:

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"I’ve been watching you the last few years and you’ve been turning in these beautiful, nuanced, incredible, profound performances. I’m just so moved by you… you should be here," he said, pointing to where he was standing.

And finally, Taron Egerton who was nominated for his role in Rocketman.

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"I’m so happy for you. You’re so beautiful in this movie and I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to see what else you do."

But his comment about Heath Ledger stood out amongst everything:

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Phoenix said this: "I’m standing here on the shoulders of my favorite actor, Heath Ledger." Many fans believed that the 2019 movie paid small tributes to Ledger but the director denied these claims, so for many fans, seeing this direct connection between the two was enough to make them content.

Also in attendance at the prestigious awards ceremony?

Tom Hanks, of course. He's had a stellar year, with his role as Mr. Rogers among his most lauded.

On the red carpet, he was asked about his perfect date night.

And he had a typically wholesome answer ... at least to begin with. "Sweatpants, a good movie on DVD ... We’re happy to stay home on as a date night because we go out so much."

"Here’s when I know the night like that is going to be great."

"When she says: 'hey honey, can you whip me up a little martini?' And then I know: 'Ohhhh, it’s gonna be a nice night.' Right there."

There was just one problem with the story.

Tom Hanks' mime for martini-making looked rather ... obscene to some.

See for yourself.

Yikes. For more shocking red carpet moments at the SAG Awards, scroll on. We've got the very best - and worst - dressed celebs right here.