Tom Hanks Surprises Couple After Their Beach Wedding Ceremony

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Somebody showing up unannounced at a wedding is usually a big no-no, but when that someone is Tom Hanks, you can’t really complain…

The lucky couple, Diciembre and Tashia Farries had just got married, and traveled to Santa monica to take wedding pictures on the beach…

But the brides got the surprise of their lives when none other than Tom Hanks appeared and came over to congratulate them both on their big day.

It was understandably a huge shock for them both…

Diciembre Farries told TODAY: “We were so in our own moment so for him to walk up, it was shocking and took a second for us to realize. It was the cherry on top for our big day.”

“He said he noticed the ceremony and gave us many compliments and just said we looked beautiful,” Tashia Farries said.

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“He gave us love advice and was just so positive and humble.”

As per The Mirror Tashia revealed that she and her family had spotted Tom watching the ceremony from a far…

According to her, he said: “I saw the ceremony from back there and it had to be one of the most beautiful ceremonies that I’ve ever seen,” she recalled.

Tashia also said that Tom had shared with them some “positive words” and told them both to “keep the love alive.”

Diciembre added it was the “icing on the cake” meeting the Hollywood legend on such a special day in their lives.

We hope this foreshadows how special the rest of their lives will be together.