Tom Hanks’ Wife Wants Him to Grant Her One Last Wish After She Dies

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There are only a few actors and actresses out there that have made a real impact on people’s lives through their work in the world of Hollywood. But it’s safe to say that Tom Hanks is one of them. Hanks has been acting for nearly forty years now and he has truly left his mark on the showbiz world.

And now, beloved wife Rita Wilson has shared the two wishes she has for Tom after she passes away.

Hanks has starred in and produced so many timeless productions, and, now that he has received a Lifetime Achievement Award, we thought it would be necessary to take a little walk down memory lane to reminisce over the incredible life of this wonderful man.

After his parents divorced when he was 5-years-old, he moved around frequently until finally settling in Oakland, California, where he attended high school.

Hanks attended junior college in Hayward, California, at which he eventually decided to pursue acting after reading and watching a performance of Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh. He was transferred into a theatre program at California State University.

In 1977, he was recruited to take part in the summer session of the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival in Lakewood, Ohio. He spent the following 3 years acting in various Shakespeare productions and portrayals and he spent his winters working backstage at a community theatre company in Sacramento.

After dropping out of college in 1980 and moving to New York City, he began landing small roles in movies and TV shows, such as slasher horror, He Knows You’re Alone, and the sitcom series, Bosom Buddies. But, in 1984, Hanks got his first leading role in Splash, a movie about a young man who falls in love with a mermaid.

Big saw Hanks play a thirteen-year-old boy whose body was transferred into the body of a fully grown man overnight. It sounds a little strange, but it is a fantastic movie.

He starred in many smaller productions in the following years until he bagged the leading roles in A League Of Their Own in 1992, and Sleepless in Seattle in 1993.

Forrest Gump is probably one of Hank’s most recognizable performances.

Forrest Gump, which was released in 1994, followed the story of an Alabama man with a low IQ living through some of America’s most iconic and life-changing events, such as presidencies of J.F Kennedy and Johnson, the Vietnam war, and Watergate.

And Hanks’ portrayal of the simple yet loyal Forrest Gump caused the entire world to fall in love with him.

True to predictions, Forrest Gump was a phenomenal success and it won Oscars for best picture and director. Hanks took home a Lead Actor Oscar award and he was also awarded an Academy Award for Best Actor in the 1993 movie, Philadelphia, in which his portrayal as a man diagnosed with AIDS was considered honorable and, quite simply, magnificent.

These include leading and starring roles in Apollo 13 and Disney Pixar’s Toy Story in 1995. Hanks’ voiceover of Woody the Cowboy would span for generations – Toy Story 4 was released earlier this year.

Toy Story made movie history…

Back in 1995, when Disney’s Pixar was just starting out, Toy Story was the first of its kind. Speaking in an interview, Ed Catmull, who is now the Pixar and Disney Animation president, said: “At that point, none of us knew what we were doing. We didn’t have any production expertise except for short films and commercials. So we were all complete novices.”

Toy Story’s success has been credited to Hanks in the past for his incredible portrayal of Woody the Cowboy and giving him that iconic voice we all know.

Throughout the production of the Toy Story franchise, Hanks went on to star in even more movies…

This includes the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Green Mile in 1995, Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan in 1998, and Cast Away in 2000. There’s truly no stopping him…

And it is his decades of contributions to the world of acting that has bagged him the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Golden Globes.

The BBC reported that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) said it was “proud” to give the actor the 2020 Cecil B DeMille Award at the event on the 5th of January 2020. The Cecil B DeMille Award is awarded each year to a member of the film industry – be it through acting, directing, or production – that has had an enduring and lasting impact on the industry.

The HFPA also said that they had “grown to love and admire” the sixty-three-year-old.

“For more than three decades, he’s captivated audiences with rich and playful characters,” said Lorenzo Soria, the organization’s president.

“As compelling as he is on the silver screen, he’s equally so behind the camera as a writer, producer, and director,” she went on to say.

Hanks isn’t about to leave our screens any time soon as we recently saw him take on the role of beloved TV host, Mr Rogers, in A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood.  

The pair haven’t had the best of luck recently, though, with both struck down with the virus while in Australia.

She’s opened up about what she’d like to happen if she passes away before Hanks – and she has two distinct wishes for if that happens.

“One is that I want you to be super sad for a really long time.”

“I wanted to have a celebration and I wanted to have a lot of singing and dancing and people telling stories.”

They shouldn’t be too hard to keep, right?

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